13 Apr

If there is ANYONE still out there, please check out my new blog!!!


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24 Feb

Wow, hey everybody! If there’s anyone still out there…

I know I’ve really neglected this blog. I got home about a month ago from Maryland, and just kind of got out of the habit of posting. The first 10 days I was home, my parents were on vacation in Hawaii. I took over as Mommy for the week! I was so busy giving all my siblings rides, cooking, cleaning, etc. Other than that, I really have no excuse. I’ve just been having fun basically. I don’t start school until April 5th, so I have time on my hands to do what I want. I’ve been trying to find a job, and I actually had an interview the other day. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think it went really well! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

As for the future of this blog, I’m not really sure. Considering I’m not a “Terp” anymore, I think I want to make another one. And I also don’t want to focus on only food. I’ve really been getting into photography and stuff, so I want to show what else I do.

The weather has been SO beautiful here lately. We totally skipped over winter and went right to spring it feels like. And that is 100% okay with me.

On a dock in Seattle. Look at the that gorgeous mountain range!

This is the gum wall in Seattle. It’s right under Pike Place market. Yeah, it’s kind of gross, but it’s really cool. It’s this 25 foot stretch of brick wall that is just COVERED in gum. People get creative and make little drawings out of it too. I’ve always wanted to find this, and my friend and I did!

Romanesco. It’s a mix between broccoli and cauliflower. Seriously, how cool does it look? Last year, I had a picture of this as my background for a long time. This was at Pike Place Market.

So my family is like 1/8 Chinese, and my mom was just dying to celebrate Chinese New Year. Even if we weren’t Chinese, we probably would’ve celebrated it. Any excuse for a party, and we are totally there. I took only a couple pictures of food, but we had a TON of it, rest assured.

This is hard to describe. One of my mom’s friends made it. It was delicious though. On the inside, there was just a bite of some kind of meat. Probably pork. and then something else (no idea what it was), and then all wrapped in sticky rice and raisins. And something else on the outside. Wow, that was articulate! Anyways, it was in this giant roll and then we just sliced it into smaller pieces. I loved this, it was so good!

This was some really delicious beef and sliced bell peppers. Simple, but wonderful.

My mom and Bianca serving up some homemade wonton soup. Usually wonton soup is just okay in my opinion, but the homemade wontons were just SO good. They had a mix of pork and shrimp that we ground ourselves.

Well, I’m really hungry so I’m going to go eat. Hopefully, I’ll post more again!

New Beginnings

27 Jan

So I’ve pretty much been the worst at blogging. My bad. For the last week I was home, I really just focused on spending time with family and friends, packing, and just having fun. Not too many pictures of food were taken, but I’ve been having fun photographing everything else. It’s too bad, we had a big Peruvian party the night before I left…but I didn’t take a single shot. Ah! There will be another one in the future I’m sure. Here are some pictures I took before I left.

Seattle sunset.

I think this was the first time I walked around Pike Place at night. Way different than going during the day.

My friends have cool shoes.


Okay, in regards to my title I have made some major life changes in the past few days. After arriving to campus on Saturday, and spending all day Sunday preparing for classes, something big happened. Through long conversations and much thought with my parents, I’ve decided to go back home. Journalism is no longer my passion, and I don’t feel the need to stay at this university. I’ll be going home on Sunday, getting a job, and starting school in the spring. I was planning on going home at the end of this year anyway, and we just felt that now was the right time. A lot has been on my mind this week, and I’ve definitely felt overwhelmed at times! But I feel like I’ve made the best decision, and I’m excited for my new educational plans. Seattle is truly my home, and I can’t wait to get back there.

It’s been hard to be a consistent blogger lately, but I’ll try to get back to doing it. I don’t want this blog to be all about food, but more about my life and hobbies. We will see where it goes!

Lo Siento!

12 Jan

Wow, I thought when I came home I’d be even better and more consistent at blogging, but turns out the opposite is true! I’ve just been having lots of fun seeing people, going places, and of course, eating great foods. I’ve been cooking a lot and I actually do have some pictures. Luckily!

Okay…looking back on my pictures it looks like I haven’t captured many meals.

Many bowls of pumpkin oats have been consumed. Sorry about this weirdly focused picture. It’s just the usual mix of oats, soy milk, water, 1/2 banana, and pumpkin. This one was topped with a little cottage cheese, cereal, and nuts. And peanut butter of course!

This was my lunch yesterday. So good! The bread was actually the quinoa bread I made last week. Instead of putting everything into the loaf pans, I made a few buns. I think I liked those more than the others! They’re so hearty and chewy, and the quinoa gives it a great crunch. Inside the sandwich I put Dijon, hummus, smoked turkey breast, and a little goat cheese. After a while in the panini maker, it was hot and ready! On the side, I had some broccoli, onions, and a little acorn squash. Mmmm…

The other night, my brother and I made some homemade pizzas. My sister had made the dough, and we each made our own. Here’s mine before the oven:

Mine was topped with hummus (my favorite pizza ingredient), tons of caramelized onions, garbanzos, tomato slices, broccoli, a little spinach, squash, and goat cheese. A part of the pizza also had my sister’s homemade tomato sauce. Oh boy.

And my brother’s pizza…

Not too shabby.

My sister also made an amazing pizza on Saturday night. I believe the recipe came from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. It was a potato-leek pizza, and it was GOOD!

I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for putting this picture in. I think it’s so funny! The first layer of the pizza is thinly sliced potatoes. I think she’s sprinkling salt on them in this picture.

Next, a layer of shredded mozarella and then some sauteed leeks.

And finally, bacon, goat cheese, and a touch of Parmesan.

Voila! This was really good, and also VERY rich as you can probably imagine.

Let’s see…I’ve been up to some baking in the kitchen as well.

Pumpkin bread. Amazing on top of pumpkin oats. Just saying.

I got the urge to bake cookies yesterday, so I went with it.

These cookies are SO good. I can post the recipe if anyone wants it. They contained peanut butter, oatmeal, whole wheat flour, flax, chocolate chips, chopped peanuts…need I say more?!

I sprinkled these with a little sea salt before they went in the oven. Perfect. I tell ya, that’s the key to a good cookie.

Okay, I’m off! Time to get ready for a doctor’s appointment…woo. Gotta fit them all in before I go back to school.

Catch Up Time

5 Jan

Wow, so many pictures I need to share! I don’t know how some people can blog three time a day. Props to all of you. Seriously, I have trouble doing it every two days or so. But I’ve been having tons of fun at home, so it’s all worth it. Let’s see what I have!

Big bowls of yogurt are still my favorite way to start the day. Or oats, of course. But this is just the same mix I always have. Fage, Kashi GL Crunch, cinnamon, cashews, strawberry jam, and peanut butter. Isn’t that bowl so cute?? My mom got a whole set of them in China I believe. Or it might’ve been Japan…

This was SUCH a great dinner I made the other night. I sauteed some broccoli, brussel sprouts, greens, and delicata squash for my dosage of greens. In the Ezekiel wrap, I layered avocado (sprinkled with s & p, and dressed with a little lemon juice), a few pieces of squash, hummus, peppered turkey breast, and hot sauce. I believe that’s it. It was SO good.

Mmm. Avocado, hummus, and hot sauce is a match made in heaven.

Another lunch. Big stir-fry of broccoli, squash, greens, Asian mix vegetables from Whole Foods, caramelized onions, and avocado. On the side, some hummus. Tons of Frank’s was also included in this meal. I absolutely love eating with chopsticks. Either that, or my hands. Honestly, every time you see me eat a big serving of vegetables, just assume it was eaten by hand. I don’t know why I dislike forks!

My brother and I went with some of our friends to the Bellevue Botanical Garden the other night. It was actually pretty sweet! I guess it’s a normal garden all year, but during the holidays, they replace everything with “plants” made of lights. Here are a few of my favorites.

I loved these grapes spilling out of the basket, and the rows of grapes hanging above. So cute!

On Sunday, we had some friends over for dinner. I swear, my family has 3 or 4 people/families over for dinner or dessert every week. Probably just because it’s the holiday season, but we do enjoy cooking for other people and having fun in our home. I volunteered to make dinner. On the menu: Chicken Bouillabaisse, salad, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts, and homemade bread.

My sister Grace is really good at setting the table. And she actually enjoys it. I really think she’s going to be into interior design when she’s older.

The roasted vegetables. I accidentally chopped up a few too many potatoes for the bouillabaisse so I just decided to roast them!

The couple that came over made the sourdough bread that’s in front. I made this whole wheat quinoa bread, in the back. We grilled it on the stove, and it was really tasty. For some reason, this recipe isn’t working out for me. The taste is delicious, and I love it but after the bread has risen, it sinks! I can’t figure it out. I’m going to keep playing with it.

I used Ina Garten’s recipe for the chicken. It turned out really delicious. The sauce consists of tomatoes, garlic (tons of it), fennel seeds, white wine, and chicken stock. It was awesome with the grilled bread.

Bianca made this salad of spring greens, chopped apple, caramelized pecans and pumpkin seeds, and a homemade vinaigrette. Delicious, as always.

Note the messy bowl. On top of the chicken is a garlic mayonnaise. Totally made the dish! If Ina recommends it, I’m gonna do it. Bianca and I tried to make our own…it failed. The mayonnaise totally broke and was beyond repair. I’m going to conquer it someday though!

Well, I think that’s about all I have. There are more dinner parties on the plan for this week, with one MAJOR one on Saturday. So excited!!

So this is the New Year

1 Jan

I really can’t believe it’s 2010 already. I have vivid memories of celebrating the millenium when I was…8 years old?? That’s so crazy to me. I just remember feeling so young then, and seeing my brother and his high school friends and feeling like they were old. And now I’m 18 and still feel young. But I’d rather feel young than old.

I have thought of a few of my New Years goals for 2010, but I need to think about them more. I don’t want to say “resolutions” because there aren’t many things I want to change necessarily, more that there are things I want to accomplish.

For New Years Eve, my parents, sister and some friends of ours headed to the Space Needle to watch the fireworks. I’ve done this a few times. It’s always fun to people watch and just enjoy the celebrations. I took tons of pictures last night, so here are some of my favorites.

This is inside the Seattle Center, which is just a big building full of restaurants right by the Space Needle. There was a band playing and just a lot of people walking around.

Bianca got some pretty awesome face paint.

There was this cute mini town set up inside the center.

I love carousel pictures.

And then the fireworks began!

And my favorite of the night…

The finale is always the best part of the show.

This morning, my family headed to a friend’s house for a great big breakfast. My sister made some amazing French toast that I snapped a picture of before we left.

The outside is covered in Cornflakes and almonds, so it gets super crunchy. Delicious!

I’m planning on just chilling for the rest of the day I believe. Maybe I’ll see some friends tonight. For now, I’m just going to curl up in a blanket and watch Harry Potter 🙂

Family Pictures

29 Dec

As promised, I have the pictures of the tamales that my family made the other night.

In case anyone missed it, these tamales had a filling of chicken and caramelized red onion. I covered them in salsa verde (one of my favorites!), and some Frank’s. Seriously, Frank’s makes everything better.

And on the side I had some random vegetables. Broccoli, green beans, asparagus, mushrooms, and probably some more. And a little bowl full of salsa verde for more dipping. It was an excellent lunch! One that I’ll probably be repeating this afternoon…and again until the tamales are gone 🙂

Today, my family is getting our annual family picture taken. Of course, most people do this for Christmas but we weren’t all together in time. We were supposed to do it last Sunday but since my flight got canceled I wasn’t here until Monday. We are going to a cupcake shop in Seattle to take the picture. My mom has an idea in mind, and I really have no idea what it is. We shall see! In the past, our pictures have mostly been outside–in front of the Space Needle, at a park, in the neighborhood, by the lake, etc. Last year, it totally rained the entire time we were taking pictures. It made for some forced smiles, that’s for sure 🙂 I’m excited to see how this year’s turns out!

For now, I’m just enjoying this quiet morning as all my siblings are still asleep.

Yogurt with Kashi GoLean Crunch, some homemade strawberry jam, peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, cashews, a bit of coconut. And many, many shakes of cinnamon. This mix never gets old.

The sun is coming out, and I couldn’t be happier. Have a great day everybody 🙂