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Get ready…

30 Sep

This is gonna be a fast one. I didn’t take many pictures yesterday. I’m not sure why.

Yesterday was a fun day! After I was done with my morning/early afternoon classes, I went to pick up a package!! Enter the best hot sauce in the world:

Photo 130

Frank’s Red Hot!! My sisters and I went through sooo much of this at home, that my dad found somewhere to buy a gallon of it online. I can’t find it here, and so he shipped me a gallon! THANK YOU DAD!! Everyone found it quite amusing that my parents were sending me hot sauce.

After opening that glorious present, I went to get some lunch. I was craving one of those good salads I got last week, but they had different top

pings this time 😦 Unfortunately they weren’t great choices, but I dealt! They had like asparagus (I do not like you raw), pasta salad (I just plain don’t understand this), and craisins. Nooo thank you! This is what I managed to get:


I got the iceberg lettuce (yes, I know it has no nutritional value but it tastes way better), carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, and feta. I added some tofu and jalapeno when I got back to my room. And proceeded to dump lots of hot sauce on it. Mmmm, missed my Frank’s!!

Also, a slice of toast with hummus:


After my toast this morning, I finally finished that loaf of bread. Took me a month!! I think I’m gonna get some bread from the co-op now. They have really grainy, seedy breads that are so good.

After lunch, I had another class. Lovely times were had. Aaaand then I took my laptop outside to get some work done. Yeah, didn’t happen! A bunch of guys from my dorm were outside tossing around a football and kept yelling for me to come, so of course I obliged! It was fun. Everyone’s so chill here!

Around 7:15, I left to meet my friend at the rec center. We were gonna do a little cardio and then yoga at 8:15. Of course, the minute I reach the door, I realize that I forgot my group fitness pass! Blahhhh. And it’s like a 15 minute walk to the gym. And it’s getting colder here everyday. No bueno! We ended up doing some elliptical and then venturing into the weight room. It’s kind of intimidating in there because it’s all guys, and they’re all hardcore and serious about their weights! I definitely think I would only go in there with a friend.

Ah, just realized I need to leave for class in a few minutes! Here’s dinner, quickly:

STP61414Microwaved sweet potato, tofu, broccoli, hummus, hot sauce &


Delicious 4% cottage cheese.

I went to a meeting after this, came back, was still hungry and had some delicious granola.

Ok time for history lecture!


Time to enjoy the day!!

29 Sep

YESSSS!! Just finished my art history exam aaand…I think I did pretty well! I don’t wanna jinx myself but I’m thinking I’ll get a semi-good grade. Studying for that mother was KILLER. I had like 53 different images and sculptures to memorize, along with a buttload of vocab. On the test we had 5 vocab words (5!!! Out of like 100!!), 6 slide i.d.’s (he puts up the painting and we have to write down the title, artist, date, medium, patron, and original location… easy…), 1 unknown painting where we basically just guess, and thenΒ  a comparison essay of 2 paintings. There’s definitely some things I messed up on or missed, but overall it wasn’t bad.

It’s a sunny but chilly day, and now I get to enjoy it! Just two more classes. I’m dying to work out today too! I haven’t had a chance to for more than week and it’s painful! Like actually painful…for some reason I get cramps in my legs when I don’t exercise, and definitely when I sit for too long. And I’ve definitely been sitting too much as I’ve been studying like crazy this past week.

I don’t want to (and don’t actually) post every single thing I eat, but here are some interesting things I’ve had over the past few days!


Stephen, thanks for telling me how to use the macro setting on my camera! I don’t know how I lived without it. Prepare yo-selves for some nice photos πŸ˜‰

This is HEAB’s famous oats in a jar. But I did overnight oats in a jar. Man oh man, this was so good. With tonnsss of cinnamon dumped on every new layer, an extra dollop of peanut butter, and some granola for crunch-sake. Lovely!

Look how cool it looked from the side!



There has been plenty of ice cream to keep me awake during those late night study hours…


Oh I had such a good lunch yesterday! Being at school can sometimes make meals so redundant, due to gross dining hall food, limited resources, and lack of funds. But I had all the stuff to make PB&Jenny’s tuna salad. This looked so good on her blog, I couldn’t wait to get some tuna and make it! I made a few changes as well.


I used a can of Whole Foods 365 Tuna, mixed with one Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb wedge, and a little plain yogurt. I decided to get feisty and add some jalapenos, chickpeas, shredded carrot, and sliced grapes. The grapes MADE it! That little burst of sweetness every now and then, with the salt and spice, was awesome. I had it with some cucumber, cauliflower, sesame crackers, and a couple Kashi’s. A verrry good lunch, and a great change from the usual.

After lunch and journalism, I knew I had to study for art history. I went to the library for a bit, only to realize I had no pen. I also started to feel really sick for some reason. Pounding headache, and I felt kind of feverish. Hot and cold at the same time. No bueno. I went back to my dorm (just as it started raining…lucky me) and actually laid down for a good hour. This is very strange for me as I NEVER nap. Really, I hate naps. I think my body can run on such a small amount of sleep, that any extra just messes me up and doesn’t allow me to fall asleep at night. My roommates came in and were like “You’re in bed?!!”. Haha. Normally it’s them, not me in bed! They’re actually both sleeping right now, and it’s 11:10am. I’ve already been to two classes…haha.

I had oatmeal last night for dinner. It was all I was craving and felt like I could eat. ‘Twas delicious. Then my roommate and I went to the shop to get some Ben & Jerry’s. It was necessary. I got Banana Split, a new flava for me! But I’m waiting for Grace Face to get hers so we can eat it over iChat πŸ™‚

I had fun studying in the 2nd floor lounge last night. By the way, 2nd floor is the boy’s floor. Haha. But they have a nice and big lounge, and not many people use it. My roommate and I went up there for like 3 hours or more. It was fun. I did get some work done amidst boys coming in and out and chillin. At one point, someone announced it was another guy’s birthday so we all went and sang to him. Then we realized it was another girl’s birthday, so a group of like 15 of us went and found her in the basement and sang. Oh college, you amuse me!

After going to bed around 1:30-45ish and waking up at 6:40, I was sooo tired this morning! I think I stumbled down the hallway to the bathroom with my eyes closed. But I had such a good breakfast! And it was new!



Dang, I just tried so hard to rotate that, but it wouldn’t cooperate. I basically made these the exact way I do oats, but with oat bran. I looooved the texture, and it was super voluminous. And I’m kinda still full! And I ate 4 hours ago! Yay fiber!

Oh, I never put in one of the videos I took when Obama was here!

I hope that works. Amazing day!

And just because I miss them so so so much, here are some pictures of my fam (hope they don’t mind):

CIMG0196Bianca and I at the Coldplay concert this summer. Most beautiful stadium, and such a fun concert.

STP60339Grace and I walking in D.C.

*HA!! Just noticed that I’m wearing the same shirt in both pictures. Nice.

STP60643My baby Maggie holding 3 Beanie Babies in her mouth. So funny!

Alrighty, time to study and read a bit before Soccccc.

Shopping + Sushi = Saturday

27 Sep

Hola hola hola!

How is everybody on this fine (although gray) Sunday? It’s been a busy busy weekend, and this week is going to be pretty busy as well. I like Sundays around school. It’s nice and quiet, and everybody is just resting and preparing for the week. I just got back from church, and am going to start studying for my art history midterm I have on Tuesday. Soo nervous!! Any tips for memorizing a million vocab words, paintings, and sculptures?! It would be MUCH appreciated!

After I ate that lovely oatmeal breakfast yesterday, I worked on my history paper for about 2 straight hours and just got it done. It turned out to be a lovely 5 pages! Not sure if I did it completely the way the teacher wanted, but it’s good writing all in all. Thank you Giselle for forcing me to work on it πŸ˜‰

All of that extremely hard work definitely gave me an appetite for lunch! We were all going to go shopping, so I just wanted something quick and easy.


This was such a good lunch! Simple and delicious. I had a Dr. Praeger burger, two chopped carrots, hummus, avacado, and a slice of this awesome loaf of bread. It was like oatmeal wheat something?? I believe it was from Whole Foods. I love playing with my food and making different combos, so I would rip off a piece of bread, squish some avacado on it, take a chunk of the burger and eat it all πŸ˜€

We headed to the mall after this. I got to go to J. Crew! Made me so happy. I wanted SO many things but, alas, I’m now a poor college student. My mind is having trouble adjusting to this! I still bought a lovely sweater, which I proceeded to leave in the car when I was dropped off at school. NO BUENO!!

After a few hours of shopping, we decided to go to this sushi place in Bethesda. It was called Matuba. It was soo good. Giselle said she’d been going there for 30 years or something?? They’re like really well known in the area I think, and we sat right by the sushi bar and talked to the guy, Tony, the whole time. We chose a variety of rolls:


This was the Rainbow Roll. I actually don’t remember what was in it. I know it had shrimp…but the avocado on top was delicious, especially with the crunchy stuff on top.


From left to right we have the California roll, salmon w/ avocado, spicy tuna, and Dragon roll. I love how every roll we ordered had avocado. It just makes the entire thing so creamy and balanced. The Dragon roll was amazing. I’m not sure what was inside, but on top was eel. I looove eel! I think I’ve only ever had it on sushi, so I’m really curious what a bigger amount of it would be like.

Thank you Giselle and Shawn for treating me here πŸ™‚

The chef, Tony, made these super cute carrot butterflies for Max! Those knife skills are sooo impressive. He was this Latin guy, but he also spoke Japanese! Crazy!!


Well, as much as I’d like to procrastinate and keep writing, I really do need to study.

And thank you to any new readers out there! It makes me so excited and happy to hear from you πŸ˜€

Buh byeeee!


26 Sep

I just finished writing a 5 page paper. Whew! It totally needs to be edited and everything but at least it’s all out there. I think beginning a paper and just that initial first draft can be so hard. Once that’s over, I love to edit and make changes. As a journalism major, I think I want to be an editor. I really do love writing, but I enjoy editing a lot too.

I forgot to write this down, but last week Giselle and I talked about what I really want to do when I’m “older”. One of my dream jobs is to be an editor at Gourmet or Bon Apetit magazine, and travel, eat food, and write about it. Or I would really, really love to have a restaurant, possibly with my sisters (and mom, brothers, dad?!!?) πŸ˜€

Here’s what we came up with:

-Get my Bachelor’s in Journalism

-Get a Master’s in Business

-Possibly go to culinary school, and definitely get some experience in the food world

-Open restaurant πŸ˜€

Muahaha. I would loooovee to do all of this! And I know I can.

Anyways, I’m so glad that last week is OVER! It was stressful for sure. And now this stupid paper is (mostly) out of the way. Now I just need to worry about my Art History midterm on Tuesday :/ One thing at a time.

I only had math yesterday, so I was done at 9 am! Sooo awesome. Giselle picked me up, and we went back to her house.

Oops, here’s breakfast first:


Love the bad lighting and off-centered photo.

The usual oats, almond milk, water, 1/2 banana, crumbled muffin, granola, cinnamon, and a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. In my very favorite balloon bowl.

After getting to Giselle’s, I planned on working on my paper all day. Giselle was suuuper busy with work so I helped to watch Max. We had so much fun! I didn’t get a TON done yesterday, but it was well worth it. We laughed and played. That boy’s a handful, but he’s so cute πŸ™‚ I’m gonna be his favorite cousin now! What now Andy, Stephen, Bianca, Grace?!

We were both busy so we decided to order some lunch. I absolutely LOVE Greek food, and we picked this place called Ambrosia. I ordered the falafel appetizer and a Greek salad. Giselle got a trio of meat and potatoes. Unfortunately, our food wasn’t the best 😦 The falafel was pretty greasy, and the salad wasn’t the freshest. It wasn’t horrible but I’ve gotten $5 falafel sandwiches that were the most amazing things ever back at home.


It also came with pita bread, and I had some hummus too. Sorry for the slightly blurry pic, my camera was almost dead.


I can’t wait for the day I go to Santorini and get to feast on Greek yogurt, feta cheese, baklava, fresh fruit, vegetables, and tons of FISH!! Not to mention those hottie Greek men and the beautiful clear water. And those adorable white houses!! Ahhhh

Giselle and I both worked until like 6, when we left to pick up Shawn. We were also going to Mom’s Organic Market! I loved this place! They had sooo much great stuff. I think everything there is organic, and great prices too. Maybe a bit less than Whole Foods, but nothing will ever beat Whole Foods in my eyes.

Here’s the loot:


Here we have:

-Original Almond Breeze (soo much better than the Unsweetened Vanilla)

Fantastic Foods Vegetarian Chili and Falafel mix (excited for these!!)

-Kidney Beans

-Diced Fire Roasted Tomatoes

-Fuji apples

-Sweet potatoes

-Short-grain brown rice

-Flax tempeh

-2% Fage!!!! I’ve missed you so much.

-Peanut butter filled pretzels! woooot πŸ˜€

I need/want to go to Whole Foods today and get a few more provisions.

We had such a delicious dinner last night. Giselle and Shawn picked up some tofu and a bunch of fresh organic vegetables and we made a big stir fry! It was like 9pm when we ate and I was starved, so this tasted so so so good.

The chopped vegetables looked so beautiful and colorful.


My camera died after that picture, so I used Giselle’s for the rest in this post. Her camera takes amazing pictures! It’s a Canon PowerShot SD900. I’m really considering getting a nice camera. I got mine after 9th grade and it’s getting near the end of it’s life!

We added cubed tofu, shallots, and LOTS of ginger. Oh, and soy sauce. Seriously, ginger makes a dish. It’s sooo yummy and spicy and sweet.


My bowl:


This was on top of brown rice, and I also added some corn. And then a TON of aji amarillo, the standard Peruvian hot sauce πŸ˜› And no stir fry is complete without chopsticks!!

We watched Top Chef while eating. I miss that show! Too bad we don’t have a DVR in my dorm…

I stayed up pretty late and was EXHAUSTED. I could barely hold my eyes open. The plan was to work on my paper after dinner but that didn’t happen. Good thing it was done this morning!

Oh yes, here were my oats from this morning. Mmm, stovetop beats the microwave by farrrrr:


The beautiful whipped banana oats. Topped with some agave, cinnamon, granola, and a couple dots of apple butter. Giselle didn’t have peanut butter. Blasphemous. It was still amazing and creamy and delicious. I actually used all water for this, but with a little splash of whole milk!

Ok, my tummy’s growling and I think we are going shopping. Byeee everybody!

Oh yeah, check out my new about me page!!! I’m so proud of it πŸ˜€

Friday at last!

25 Sep

This week has been so loooong! It’s been crazy busy, and next week won’t be much better. I had my first art history quiz on Monday, a big soc test yesterday which I spent all week getting ready for, a math test on Wednesday, etc. It doesn’t help that I have a 5 page history paper due on Sunday!! And…I haven’t started. Oops. I honestly have been so busy with other stuff though. I basically plan on only doing that tonight and tomorrow. Goodbye social weekend life!

Giselle is picking me up soon and we are going shopping! I can’t wait. I’m in serious need of some food. I’m so sick of everything here! That’s one huge thing I miss from home-the variety and deliciousness of food. Any suggestions for new easy (cheap) stuff I should try for this week? We’re also going clothes shopping! Not that I really have the funds for it, but I think I can afford a couple things πŸ™‚ J. Crew and Anthropologie are calling my name.

When I first started this blog, I didn’t anticipate or plan on it becoming a food blog, but it kind of is! Not that I mind, because I’ve been reading food blogs for the past year and a half ish. My friends love when I take pictures of food. They find it awesome. But I reeeally want a nice camera. 18th birthday present perhaps?! (cough *mom and dad* cough) πŸ˜‰ My friend said he’d find me some good ones for a reasonable price.

Okay, onto the eeeats for yesterday!

Breakfast was NEW!


Aerial shot.

I got a raisin bran muffin last week from the dining hall and stuck it in my fridge. It was actually really really good! Probably had a good amount of oil and sugar in it, but I loved it and will definitely pick up some more. I actually have another in my freezer. On the side I had my usual sliced banana, and a little knob of peanut butter because, you know, it’s not breakfast without at least a taste of it.

Sorry about all the shadows but I’m a nice roommate and don’t turn on the lights when my roommates are still sleeping πŸ™‚

I went to math and then art history after this deliciousness was consumed. I loved art history yesterday for some reason. We are getting into some really beautiful paintings. Here’s one I really liked:


This is “Pastoral Symphony” by Giorgione (and possibly Titian, it’s debatable.) Loves it!

I was pretty staaarvin when I got back and decided I needed a good snack before my sociology exam.


This is why I need a new camera. Dang blurry pictures!!

I got some cottage cheese from the dining hall and topped it with a single grape and some go lean crrrrunch. Good as always. Except this cottage cheese does not even begin to compare with the Friendship cottage cheese I got at Whole Foods a few weeks ago. Must pick that up today.

The test went pretty well I think. There were about 10 multiple choice (wasn’t sure about 2 of them), 2 short answer (one of which I knew only part of ), and a full essay. I wrote like 5 or 6 pages for that essay! My hand was cramping up so badly. My test was about the Inuit, and just the basics of society I guess. A lot about subsistence technology. I’ve always wanted to take a sociology course, but I’m really more interested in people, and why we do the things we do. I hope we don’t just learn about different types of societies like hunter/gatherer, agrarian, horticultural, etc.

After the test, I skipped (not really) on over back to the dorm where I ran into a certain someone (hehehe). I was sooo hungry though so I left pretty quickly to the dining hall. I wanted another one of those deeelish salads!

The beauty:


Mmmmm. This one had a base of mixed spring greens, with baby corn (fave), broccoli (lady skimped and gave me like 2 pieces…), cucumber, carrots, strawberries (!!!), and feta. I love feta. The people making the salads always seem so appalled when I don’t get meat or dressing. Um, sorry??! I just use a ton of hot sauce as “dressing”. And I added some tofu and beans when I got back to my room. I think I had some sesame crackers on the side too, and maybe some grapies.

After lunch, I had my most boring class of the week-history discussion. Seriously. So dull. I came back and studied art history for a looong time after that. Sometimes I like to study and do homework in the basement lounge which probably isn’t such a good idea. Subconsciously, I think I want to get distracted and just talk to people. These guys asked me to play baseball with them but I couldn’t :(. I have an art history exam next week and I have a TON to memorize.

There’s a restaurant on campus called Adele’s, and it’s the only restaurant where students can use their dining hall points. People like going there because we feel like we’re not spending money. Plus, I barely ate at the dining hall this week just because I was so busy or too tired to walk over there. Sooo I had a lot to spend. I also treated my friend to dinner since he said he never has enough money and I definitely have a surplus!

Since I knew I had some extra “dough” I got…..double crab-stuffed lobster tails with sauteed vegetables.


Yeah….I wish I could say this was delicious and amazing and life-changing, but it wasn’t. First of all, the service was horrible. Our meals took SO long to come out. Maybe because we arrived at the same time as a group of THIRTY. Yeah, good timing. But unfortunately, “crab-stuffed” obviously means something different to these people. It was just “crab-topped”. That little brown area you see on top is the crab. And it was totally mixed with mayo and covered in breadcrumbs. Not gonna lie, that part was good, although rich, and there wasn’t enough of it. It doesn’t even COMPARE to the crabcakes I had in Seattle at The Dahlia Lounge. Tom Douglas knows how to handle that! I mean, he has like 5 restaurants, and is famous for his crabcakes. Come on.

Anyway, he lobster was sort of tough, and the vegetables were all greasy. And had ZERO seasoning. And I hate green beans of all types!! Luckily, there were like 3 broccoli florets and a couple carrots. Oh, and everything wasn’t STEAMING hot like I like it. Really…I like when food is burning hot. My friend also got this and thought it was kinda bad. And…after looking at the bill it cost like $45. Haha. Good thing it wasn’t cash!!

Here was the “famous” dessert:


This costs around $20. It’s warm brownie with UMD ice cream and whipped cream. I mean, it was good (had a few bites), but there was SO much whipped cream! All in all, this restaurant was not worth it, and I probably won’t go back anytime soon. I didn’t even eat much and was hungry an hour or two later. I left almost a whole lobster tail, and didn’t even want it boxed up.

Ok, I have a lot to do. I’m dreading writing this paper but I just need to pound it out. It’s an ugly, rainy day here unfortunately.

Until next time!


23 Sep

Hey everybody! This has to be super fast because I have my first college exam tomorrow! Ahh!! It’s for sociology, hence the title of this post. I’m pretty nervous just because I have no idea what to expect. I went to the library for about an hour and a half today and got a lot done. I’m considering going there now but I don’t wanna have to walk back when it’s dark out! I tried to study this afternoon but…you know, I kept talking to other people πŸ™‚

Oh yeah, I’m so impressed with how my blog has gotten so many more views over the last two days! I’m so excited to (maybe) have some new readers!! The blogging community is so cool, and seems like it’ll be a lot of fun.

I don’t have too many pictures because I kind of did a day and a half yesterday. Here’s what I got!



Here’s my dorm’s kitchen. It’s not too shabby! Considering that all the other dorms don’t even have one, I’m pretty grateful for this. I come down every morning to either microwave some oats or toast some bread. Hopefully I’ll be able to do something better soon! I want to get some ingredients from the salad bar and come back and do a stir fry soon. Unfortunately, there’s not much time! But there actually is a waffle maker, and yesterday these two guys totally made a waffle feast. It was pretty funny. They had their syrup and everything all prepared. I wish I could’ve taken a picture!

Lunch yesterday was:


Half an Ezekiel with hummus, some more hummus, and a Dr. Praeger burger. I know it looks pretty small, but I’d already eaten a bar and wasn’t that hungry. And I was in a rush to eat.

Fast forward through my University class where we heard from two guys-one from the Czech Republic and the other from Slovakia-studying, chatting, eating dinner (yogurt, cereal, banana, pb. The yogurt I bought was GROSS!), and more studying. Eventually it was time for a little dessert. Ya know, it was pretty necessary to keep me awake. Plus, for those of you who don’t know, my sister Grace and I had this tradition of getting a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and eating it together. We vowed to continue the tradition as I left for school, and I’m proud to say we have! Via iChat we have tried New York Super Fudge Chunk (sooo good) and Phish Food (also freakin’ amazing). Any suggestions for favorite flavors?? Next on our list are Chubby Hubby (which I made my own version of this summer, best idea ever.), Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road, and Banana Split.


Wow that took forever to upload and it’s not even a good pic! This is some NY Supa Fudge with a little piece of a pb&j bar. I always need a little something to chew haha.

I went to bed at like 12:45 after finishing some reading for history. Actually I didn’t even finish but I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I have a paper due on Sunday and I’m scuuuured for it! I’m starting it tomorrow for sure.

Here’s breakfast this morning:


Here is 1/2 c oats, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water. Microwaved for 3 minutes, stirring in between each minute. I thought I would hate microwave oats but they aren’t bad. If you just stir really hard it works well. But definitely no comparison to making oats on the stove! On top I put some crumbled banana muffin and granola, and a spoonful of pb! Except I had like 3 spoonfuls. Yummmm!

I had a math test this morning and I think I did well! Considering my class is super easy and at 8 am everyday. Next semester…definitely no class at 8 am. And definitely not every day. Hello, journalism majors don’t like math! At least, all the ones I met don’t.

For lunch today I actually met up with this guy from Seattle! We somehow found each other on Facebook. Don’t worry he wasn’t a creeper. It was great to be able to talk about home though. We went to the co-op and I got a sandwich. They are soo cheap there it’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to volunteer there. Probably next week I’ll have time. But I got some wheaty grainy bread with babaganouj, carrots, cucumbers, pickled jalapenos, lettuce, and tomato. And some Dijon. Very, very good. And I’m pretty sure the total was like $2.30. Yeah. Ridiculously cheap.

I hung out in the basement for a while after that with my roommates. Until my “dream” boy came. That didn’t really help the studying process. But then my roommates left and me and the guy decided to sit outside on the picnic tables to “study”. Another guy joined us, and eventually even more. So, definitely didn’t get much done then.

But then I was a good girl and went to the library for a solid 1.5 hours. It was great! I realized I concentrate the best in absolute silence. I feel better about tomorrow. Except I still have a lot more to do after I’m done with this post.

I was staaarving and went to the dining hall for some din. I talked to my mama on the phone which was nice πŸ™‚

There I got:


Sorry, had to hold it up to the window so I could get some darn light. This salad was actually so good. I put tons of hot sauce on it πŸ™‚

It had: romaine, carrots, baby corn, jicama, broccoli, cucumber, and feta. I also had my leftover salmon from Aunt Vicky.

Warning: ugly picture ahead…


Tupperware really just enhances the deliciousness that was this salmon. NOT.

I ran into this girl while I was microwaving it and she told me next time I went to my Aunt’s to bring her some salmon too. Haha. I told her I would!

Ok, officially time to go. This took way too long!

Sociology is…….

Monday Monday Monday

22 Sep

Hello beautiful people!

I have some studying to do, so let’s get to it! I’ve been to math and Art history this morning, and have Sociology in an hour and a half. I have a math test tomorrow, a soc test on Thursday, an art history test next wednesday, and a paper due on Sunday. Ahhh! I hate when there are just mellow weeks followed by everything getting slammed at once. But as of tomorrow, I’ll have been gone a month! That is so crazy. I miss all of you soo sooo much at home! You need to send me pics. Don’t get all old on me while I’m gone πŸ™‚

Yesterday, I had some lovely delicious leftover chili for lunch. I mixed in some carrot shreds, broccoli, chickpeas, and hummus just for fun. And had some kashi’s on the side!


Thanks Giselle for turning me onto this stuff πŸ™‚

While eating lunch, I tried to catch up on all my news. Every Monday in journalism we have a news quiz of the past week. I kind of slacked on reading the news all week, so I had to do some review! Each quiz is 10 questions, but these quizzes are 60% of our grade! I honestly guessed on 3 or 4 of the questions but….I GOT THEM ALL RIGHT!! Woooo, I’m a star. The Dean of our college, Kevin Klose, also talked to us in that class. He was kind of boring…but he has done some cool things. I think he was a reporter for the Washington Post for a long time. I’m really trying to get involved with a school publication. I e-mailed the editors of Unwind Magazine here at school. They do more things like fashion, music, movies, etc. I said I would love to write about health or food or nutrition. Hopefully I’ll hear back! Even now I would just love to get experience as an editor or fact checker. I also would love to try working at The Diamondback, which is our school’s newspaper. They’re huge! It’s a daily newspaper, it’s online, and basically everyone reads it.

Oh let’s see…I took some pics of the inside of my fridge so you guys could see what I have!


In the top shelf we have, Cholula (the only hot sauce I could find, and seriously the bottle is half empty. I bought it on Saturday. Dad, where’s my jug of Frank’s?!?!), leftover roasted butternut squash, bagels, almond milk, salmon, and muffins. You can’t see any of it but you bet it’s there.

In the middle there are two containers: one of watermelon, pineapple, cantelope, and grapes. Pretty standard cafeteria fruit. In the other is cucumber, carrot, some tofu, and beans I think. These are left from my splurging last week while trying to use my points. I failed.

In the produce drawer I have a sweet potato, a lemon, half a lime, half an Ezekiel, hummus, and the end of a loaf of bread. Haha, I probably have one of the most stocked fridges of any freshmen, I swear.


On the top there are the cream cheeses-salmon and blueberry, some Rice Dream, a few varieties of Silk soy milk, granola, Laughing Cow, and my two peanut butters!


Haha, wow so many bags of cookies and muffins. My New York Suppaaa Fudge Chunk (GRACE!! HURRY UP!), 2 oatmeal raisin cookies, some pb&j bars, a frozen raisin bran muffin, and Superfood. I don’t have a blender though, and I kind of need it for that.

After journalism, I came back to my room and studied for a looong time. I had sociology reading to do. Actually I did it in the basement because it’s kind of easier to concentrate. Except there were people having a looong freaking conversation so I had to put in the headphones and listen to some Iron and Wine.

I went to the Commons shop after that basically because I’d been sitting for 1.5 hours and my butt felt extremely flat and was starting to cramp! I bought some Kashi GoLean Crunch (reunited at last!), some rice sesame crackers, and a bar.

Some time passed, and I went upstairs, took a shower, and made some dinner. I couldn’t decide what I was craving. Don’t you hate that?? I kept opening and closing the fridge just trying to decide. I was really wanting some yogurt but alas, I did not have any. This is what I decided on:


Salmon, butternut squash, remaining veggies, hummus, and rice crackers. For some reason, this dinner gave me a stomachache.

Studying for art history was next. Boring! I love the pictures, but not the note taking. I’m not looking to the test. Lots and lots of notecards are in my future.

House premiere was on at 8!!! It was a 2 hour premiere which unfortunately was not good for my studying…but I had to watch! It was sooo good. I love that show, just because everything is like a puzzle. I decided on some dessert which was:


Silk chocolate soy milk and a little chunk of cookie.

I went to bed kind of late. Ugh, it’s so annoying though…my roommate works at the Police Auxiliary and once a week she has to work 9pm-3 am. When she comes in she totally turns on the lights, plops all her stuff around, goes in and out to the bathroom, and everything. I was so annoyed last night! It was like 3:45 and I was trying not to say anything. Oh, the joys of living with other people.

My deeelish breakfast this morning was an Einstein Brothers Good Grains bagel, one half with salmon cream cheese and the other half with blueberry:



Right now, I’m chillin in the basement lounge. I’m munching on this GnuFoods Cinnamon Raisin bar. It’s okay. But it cost me $2 so I’m eating it! Here’s the bar and also some pics of the basement! You know I just want you all to visualize everything that I see and do πŸ™‚




So beautiful and scenic I know. It works though! It’s fun hanging down here because everyone walks through. Not always conducive to studying, but college is also for socializing right? πŸ˜‰

Alright, class in an hour! See you all laterzzz!

My blog is getting more views per day! So exciting! I’m wondering if it’s just all my family reading or maybe some others?!