International Night

28 Dec

For some reason, my house always seems to be filled with people from all parts of the world. Don’t get me wrong though, I love it! Having such a diverse group of friends and neighbors has definitely taught my family so much about culture, travel, and of course, food. Last night, my brother Andy invited two of his Brazilian friends over, and a Mexican friend as well. We also had a few girls over from Peru! It was funny to listen to all of the different languages and learn that everyone had their own version of the food we were making in their country.

Before I begin, I just have to share this picture of my me and my sisters. This is right after church, so we are kind of dressed up.

Had to show off my new shoes πŸ˜‰ Too bad they were “3 hour shoes” as my mom likes to say. My feet were killing by the end of church!We came home to my brothers and their friends eating fresh ceviche, tostadas, and some interesting desserts. After we all got changed, we got started on dinner–arroz con pollo and homemade tamales. I have been DREAMING of my mom’s tamales since I’ve been at school, and it was on my list of foods I had to have when I was home.

First, the chicken has to be browned. There are a ton of onions and garlic in there, along with many herbs and spices.

Some mixture of blended cilantro in also added and simmered down. While that was working away, we got to work on the tamales.

This is the corn masa made with homemade chicken stock. It can also be made with hot water, but the flavor is not nearly as good as the chicken stock. I swear I could eat this whole thing just as it is.

We made an awesome filling of shredded chicken and caramelized red onion.

Inside of a corn husk, you lay a little masa and a bit of the chicken. You top it off with more masa, fold it up, and tie is it together.

The tamales are in the green pot and they have to steam for one hour. The arroz con pollo is in the other huge pot.

We started with a round of arroz while the tamales were steaming. Somehow, when the tamales were finally done I didn’t take a picture of the two I ate. But they were incredible! Just as good as I remembered. Probably even better, especially when doused in hot sauce. I’ll definitely take pictures of them today when I have some leftovers for lunch πŸ™‚

Breakfast today was a lovely bowl of pumpkin oats.

For some reason, since school I’ve liked microwave oats more than stove oats. So weird because I was obsessed with stove-top oats last year! The only downfall is the dirty rims on the sides of the bowl. I topped my oats with some pumpkin bread, raisins, and peanut butter. So good.

I’m off to clean my room (my suitcase basically threw up everywhere…), work out (gym or run in the neighborhood then yoga?), and see what’s up for the day. I predict many fights about which sibling gets to use the car today…it’s already started.


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