Lo Siento!

12 Jan

Wow, I thought when I came home I’d be even better and more consistent at blogging, but turns out the opposite is true! I’ve just been having lots of fun seeing people, going places, and of course, eating great foods. I’ve been cooking a lot and I actually do have some pictures. Luckily!

Okay…looking back on my pictures it looks like I haven’t captured many meals.

Many bowls of pumpkin oats have been consumed. Sorry about this weirdly focused picture. It’s just the usual mix of oats, soy milk, water, 1/2 banana, and pumpkin. This one was topped with a little cottage cheese, cereal, and nuts. And peanut butter of course!

This was my lunch yesterday. So good! The bread was actually the quinoa bread I made last week. Instead of putting everything into the loaf pans, I made a few buns. I think I liked those more than the others! They’re so hearty and chewy, and the quinoa gives it a great crunch. Inside the sandwich I put Dijon, hummus, smoked turkey breast, and a little goat cheese. After a while in the panini maker, it was hot and ready! On the side, I had some broccoli, onions, and a little acorn squash. Mmmm…

The other night, my brother and I made some homemade pizzas. My sister had made the dough, and we each made our own. Here’s mine before the oven:

Mine was topped with hummus (my favorite pizza ingredient), tons of caramelized onions, garbanzos, tomato slices, broccoli, a little spinach, squash, and goat cheese. A part of the pizza also had my sister’s homemade tomato sauce. Oh boy.

And my brother’s pizza…

Not too shabby.

My sister also made an amazing pizza on Saturday night. I believe the recipe came from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. It was a potato-leek pizza, and it was GOOD!

I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for putting this picture in. I think it’s so funny! The first layer of the pizza is thinly sliced potatoes. I think she’s sprinkling salt on them in this picture.

Next, a layer of shredded mozarella and then some sauteed leeks.

And finally, bacon, goat cheese, and a touch of Parmesan.

Voila! This was really good, and also VERY rich as you can probably imagine.

Let’s see…I’ve been up to some baking in the kitchen as well.

Pumpkin bread. Amazing on top of pumpkin oats. Just saying.

I got the urge to bake cookies yesterday, so I went with it.

These cookies are SO good. I can post the recipe if anyone wants it. They contained peanut butter, oatmeal, whole wheat flour, flax, chocolate chips, chopped peanuts…need I say more?!

I sprinkled these with a little sea salt before they went in the oven. Perfect. I tell ya, that’s the key to a good cookie.

Okay, I’m off! Time to get ready for a doctor’s appointment…woo. Gotta fit them all in before I go back to school.


4 Responses to “Lo Siento!”

  1. Giselle January 13, 2010 at 6:35 AM #

    Ok, those cookies look ridiculous! And totally making that potato leek pizza! And that pumpkin bread, you’re going to totally make again, when you’re back! πŸ˜‰

  2. Bianca!!!! January 14, 2010 at 3:25 AM #

    Geez. Thanks. I am no longer in support of this blog as long as gross photos of girls sprinkling salt on pizza are put in.

  3. dorothy January 16, 2010 at 9:21 AM #

    gah everything looks amazing!

    your family has impressive pizza making skills πŸ™‚

    cookie recipe? yes PLEASE! πŸ˜€

  4. Lauren January 18, 2010 at 3:14 PM #

    Wow-everything looks so good as usual! Those cookies especially look amazing

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