24 Feb

Wow, hey everybody! If there’s anyone still out there…

I know I’ve really neglected this blog. I got home about a month ago from Maryland, and just kind of got out of the habit of posting. The first 10 days I was home, my parents were on vacation in Hawaii. I took over as Mommy for the week! I was so busy giving all my siblings rides, cooking, cleaning, etc. Other than that, I really have no excuse. I’ve just been having fun basically. I don’t start school until April 5th, so I have time on my hands to do what I want. I’ve been trying to find a job, and I actually had an interview the other day. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think it went really well! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

As for the future of this blog, I’m not really sure. Considering I’m not a “Terp” anymore, I think I want to make another one. And I also don’t want to focus on only food. I’ve really been getting into photography and stuff, so I want to show what else I do.

The weather has been SO beautiful here lately. We totally skipped over winter and went right to spring it feels like. And that is 100% okay with me.

On a dock in Seattle. Look at the that gorgeous mountain range!

This is the gum wall in Seattle. It’s right under Pike Place market. Yeah, it’s kind of gross, but it’s really cool. It’s this 25 foot stretch of brick wall that is just COVERED in gum. People get creative and make little drawings out of it too. I’ve always wanted to find this, and my friend and I did!

Romanesco. It’s a mix between broccoli and cauliflower. Seriously, how cool does it look? Last year, I had a picture of this as my background for a long time. This was at Pike Place Market.

So my family is like 1/8 Chinese, and my mom was just dying to celebrate Chinese New Year. Even if we weren’t Chinese, we probably would’ve celebrated it. Any excuse for a party, and we are totally there. I took only a couple pictures of food, but we had a TON of it, rest assured.

This is hard to describe. One of my mom’s friends made it. It was delicious though. On the inside, there was just a bite of some kind of meat. Probably pork. and then something else (no idea what it was), and then all wrapped in sticky rice and raisins. And something else on the outside. Wow, that was articulate! Anyways, it was in this giant roll and then we just sliced it into smaller pieces. I loved this, it was so good!

This was some really delicious beef and sliced bell peppers. Simple, but wonderful.

My mom and Bianca serving up some homemade wonton soup. Usually wonton soup is just okay in my opinion, but the homemade wontons were just SO good. They had a mix of pork and shrimp that we ground ourselves.

Well, I’m really hungry so I’m going to go eat. Hopefully, I’ll post more again!


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