So many surprises.

20 Nov

The day started out as it usually does.

Alarm goes off at 6:51, get up, stumble to the bathroom, make breakfast.

This is actually a recycled picture, but you get the idea.

I went to math class and then art history. Originally, I’d been planning on going to the gym between art history and sociology, but I was kind of tired and decided I’d go to a class later on with a friend. I did get some work done during my break though.

At 12:30, I headed off to my sociology class. Snoozer as usual. At 1:40, I was finally free from that dreadful class, and walked back to the dorm with my friend.

As I was walking to my room, I saw my roommate and another friend standing outside my door. It looks like this:

Thinking it was them that decorated the door, I started saying “thank you” and “you guys are so nice!” But as I looked closer, I noticed that those notes were from people back home. That’s when I got even more confused! I asked my roommate if my mom had sent her those to decorate the door with. That’s when she goes, “Hey, who is that over there?”

I look over, confused, and see MY MOM!!! I could not believe it. I have never been more surprised in my life. She had told me she was coming on the 30th, and even earlier in the day I was thinking, “Okay, only 10 more days til she is here!” I was not expecting to come back from class and have her there. Best birthday surprise ever!!!

She came bearing gifts as well. She arrived late last night and got to work on a certain delicious treat.

Homemade cinnamon rolls! She wanted me to give them away to all my friends. We definitely went up to the boys floor and they just gobbled them down. We had 3 baking sheets full of them–more than 60 total. Yeah…we only have about 9 left now. They absolutely LOVED them. Some took two or more.

Since today was my uncle Shawn’s birthday, we headed out to have dinner with the family. We went to the usual Chinese restaurant that they all love. I was just happy to be with my mom finally! Three months is way too long.

Everyone kept telling us we look exactly alike. I kind of see it a little now.

Such a fun night! This weekend is now going to be AWESOME!!! I can’t wait. Bigggg family party on Saturday. My grandpa is here from Peru, and my brother is coming in from New York.

A few other things…

Yesterday I had this blueberry Chobani. I’ve had this before, but a long time ago. Ah, way too sweet for me! I’m definitely used to plain yogurt. That’s a little sunflower seed butter in there.

Okay. Right after I wrote that little review, I heard some screaming from outside. It was raining like crazy, and there was thunder and lightning. My friends and I went outside to see what was going on.

You’ll have to wait and see what happened 😉


2 Responses to “So many surprises.”

  1. glidingcalm November 20, 2009 at 9:16 PM #

    awww!!! Mommy time!!! so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! And you two do look alike!!!

    I was away from my family for months and months when I was training for skating, and it IS sooo hard!

    Hope you have a great weekend, Tina!!

  2. The Foodie Diaries November 21, 2009 at 10:24 AM #

    you and tu madre are beautiful!! and she is soooo sweeet for surprising you!!

    and, uh, those cinnamon rolls. those were pretty sweet, too! jealous!

    have a great weekend!

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