Art exam is DONE

3 Nov

Oh man, my life was basically taken over by art history the last few days. I had a HUGE pile of notecards, each with a painting or a sculpture I had to memorize. Not very much fun. Combined with getting about 10 hours total of sleep over the weekend, and I was (still kind of am) a very tired girl. But at least it’s over, and I think I did alright! I get pretty bad test anxiety, and so I’m glad it’s done with. This week is pretty much good now. I think exams are over for me for a little while. They’ve been dragging on for 5 or 6 weeks!! Killer.

Oh, I guess the last time I posted was before Halloween!? My friends and I ended up going to a club in D.C. 😀 It was muy divertido. Definitely some creepy guys, but basically I just made sure I was in the middle of my friends at all times. Going on the metro on Halloween night was quite the experience as well. So many funny people and costumes! I would’ve taken pictures, but I’m not sure they all would have appreciated it 🙂


Note the sweatiness…this was mid-dancing! Love my friends 😛

I’m just looking at my pictures, and I’m seeing that I had some oatmeal for dinner on Halloween. It was a gooood bowl. Nothing beats pumpkin oats.


I mean, I’ve always loved oatmeal, but I’m getting a serious obsession with pumpkin oats now. Especially topped with bran muffin and almond butter. And what’s that white stuff? Why, just a little spoonful of B&J chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream 😉 It was Halloween…I couldn’t resist! It was as good as it looks.

Yesterday, I was all out of oats (tragedy), so I made do with other things.


Smiley breakfast.

This was a nice little change-up. A sandwich thin with almond butter on one side, and peanut butter with a squirt of honey and shake of cinnamon on the other. And of course my regular sliced banana.

Close-ups you ask?


Mmmm. My jar of almond butter is about half gone. Can’t wait for my oats in a jar…


Ohhhh yes! I’m starting to love the honey and peanut butter combo.

I have a lot of quinoa right now, and I’ve just been craving these bowls of goodness lately. I’m trying to incorporate more meat into my diet (well, just chicken mostly) so I made another stir-fry. What can I say, I love these things.


Everyone always comments on my food when I’m in the kitchen cooking. Most people only use the kitchen to microwave their cup of noodle soups 😛 Haha. Not me! I told people if they’ll get their veggies, I’ll stirfry it for them anytime! This was one delicious combo. It had broccoli, baby corn (love), carrots, cucumbers, spinach, chicken, red onion, and grape tomatoes. I absolutely LOVED the tomatoes in it. They got super soft and warm. On the bottom is quinoa, and I topped it with a little queso freso and hummus. But I also put peanut sauce on after the photo. My favorite part!

I have to confess…I kind of eat this with my hands :O I really prefer eating with chopsticks. Seriously, at home I ate almost everything with chopsticks, but especially meals like this. Hands are fun though!

So one of my favorite things that Newman’s Own Organics sent me were the Hermits. Namely, the Ginger Hermits. My sister Grace and I have been wanting to try Hermits for soooo long, but just never got around to buying them. Well…I’ve already eaten half the package since Saturday! They are just so good. Perfectly spicy and sweet and soft. I can’t get enough of them.


Look at that almost underbaked center. Just how I like my baked goods!

Oh yes, on Saturday I also volunteered at the co-op for a few hours so I got more food credit there. Yesterday I picked up some oats and almond milk. But I got two new treats as well!


Gingerbread Clif Bar! I believe I’ve had this before, but maybe 2 years ago. I’ll probably use it on top of oats 🙂 Can’t wait! They also have the Pumpkin Pie flava and the new Cranberry one as well.


Check out this little beauty. Brie!! I’ve been craving brie for a couple of weeks, and the co-op sells these perfect little portions of different cheese. 96 cents, isn’t that awesome?! And it’s a nice size too, maybe 2 inches long. If only I didn’t break my jar of jam a few weeks ago, because that would have matched perfectly…brie isn’t complete with a fruity component.

Okay, now I just had to share this picture of my parents on Halloween. My mom is quite into the holiday, and she and my dad always have coordinating outfits. I think this one beats anything else…


Hahaha, my dad’s a mad scientist, and my mom is his robot. He completely built her costume. The lights actually work, and he programmed it to say different things. I love how she has eyelashes and a skirt on. My parents are cool 😛

Alrighty, it’s a beautiful, although chilly day out right now. My friend and I are heading into DC a little later to go to an art museum. I can’t wait!


One Response to “Art exam is DONE”

  1. Lara (Thinspired) November 3, 2009 at 12:50 PM #

    I would love to try that Cliff bar!
    What kind of Art History class was your examine for? I minored in Art History (Western Art) and loved it! I miss it a lot, but it was a lot of work!
    Love the pic of your dad–seems like a fun guy!

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