Latino Night!

28 Oct

Last night in our dorm, we had a Latino Night for everyone to come enjoy. There are about 5 other Latin girls in the Global Communities program, and we wanted to have a Latin night soo badly! A couple weeks ago we had German Night (which I still haven’t put up the pictures of…I will I promise!), and so we wanted Latin night next!

On Monday night, my friend Tiara and I made two Tres Leches cakes. If anyone hasn’t had a tres leches before, it’s essentially a vanilla cake that has been poked with holes, and then soaked overnight in a combination of three milks (i.e. tres leches). The milks are whole milk, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed. Most recipes used heavy cream instead of whole milk but I thought that was a bit much 🙂


No KitchenAid in this kitchen 😉 I wish!




Yes, those are XL sweatpants I believe. Haha. Look at all that flour! I wish I’d have taken a picture of the cakes soaking, but I totally forgot. You’ll see the finished products later on…

So fast forward to the next day, and we are all getting our dishes ready. I chose to make a delicious quinoa dish because quinoa is the ancient grain of the Incans, i.e. my (kind of) homeland of Peru! Or my mom’s homeland at least 😛 And since I absolutely love quinoa and know how to make it, I thought it would be perfect.

Chopping up some veg:


Sophia and Tiara (my roommate apparently doesn’t know how to take clear pictures hahaha):


Sophia is from Guatemala and Tiara isn’t actually Latina but she’s still awesome.


The makings for the [virgin] mojitos. I actually didn’t get to try these!




Andy, the Brazil sarong came in handy last night!


My buddy Thai playing some bongos!


Hilina and I trying them out!

Now for some FOOOOOD!



If you don’t know what a pupusa is click here. It’s made from corn and is filled with cheese. So freaking good!!


My quinoa! This had chopped onion, red bell pepper, zucchini, cilantro, queso fresco, and a lime vinaigrette. The vinaigrette was a mixture of the juice of 2 limes, a touch of honey, Dijon, olive oil, salt, and pepper. People loved this 😀


This coleslaw went over the pupusas.


This was a Chilean salad made of just tomatoes and onion, and probably salt and olive oil.


Chicharones. In Latin culture these are popular and made fresh. In America, we just call them pork rinds 😛 This girl ate one and I guess she didn’t know what it was because she goes, “Wait, I don’t eat pork.” And I couldn’t help but answer, “Well…you just did!” Hahaha.


Giant bowl of tortilla chips.


This was also for the pupusas! Sorry these pics are all going to be off-centered, I was in a rush!


Guacomol y Frijoles. It was really funny because Sophia made the guacomol and she doesn’t believe in putting tomatoes in onions in it, as I don’t believe to either! The other Latin girls and everyone that’s only had “American” guacomole were all wanting their tomatoes. We had to tell them the right way to do it 😀


The spread!

It was such a great success! Everyone just loved the food, and it was all completely gone by the end. Not a crumb was left of anything. But dessert came next…


This was a dish that I guess is eaten in many South American countries. The cheese is queso blanco, which is a wonderfully salty, soft, and fresh cheese. On top is guayaba, or guava paste. I’m sure everyone’s heard of the guava fruit, and guava paste is just that. It’s really soft and sweet, and is a delicious pairing with cheese. I’ve put it in sandwiches before, and it’s just awesome.


On top of the Tres Leches (yes, it’s that special it deserves Capital Letters), we put terón. I probably spelled that wrong. It’s basically a Latin version of meringue. It was sweetened with honey and had a touch of lime. Words cannot describe how GREAT this cake turned out. I used this recipe. Everyone looooved it, and some came back for seconds and thirds.

As is custom at a Latino party, salsa and reggaeton music was turned on, and we danced! It was so much fun. I love just goofing off with all my friends.


Tiara, Jes, Iliana, Me, Natalia, y Sofia.

Such a great night, and I think Japanese night is next 😉


9 Responses to “Latino Night!”

  1. Karina Pinzon October 28, 2009 at 12:45 PM #

    Mmm.. Tres Leches, a cake from my culture 🙂

    Tina, you have the most beautiful hair ever. It is so full and wavy, just gorgeous. You are gorgeous, girl!

    My mom loves chicharones but refuses to eat them. They are part of Colombia’s “Bandeja Paisa” and when we went to Colombia, she couldn’t resist. They really are delicious, hmmm?

    OMG QUESO BLANCO y BOCADILLOS! That is one of my favorite snacks!

    Gosh, I just love this post, Tina. it made me feel so proud of my Colombian culture.

    Love you,

    • Tina October 28, 2009 at 12:51 PM #

      Karina, you are so sweet! That comment made me smile. I’m glad you like the post 🙂 Being around so many other Latinas makes me proud of my Peruvian culture too! I just want to learn so much more about it now.

  2. brandi October 28, 2009 at 1:06 PM #

    aw, how fun!

    Tres leches is my favorite, and I just learned what guayaba was when I was in Honduras this summer.

  3. mom October 28, 2009 at 4:37 PM #

    Everything looks so yummy!! Next time I visit you Tina, I’ll make some Peruvian food for your friends.

  4. mom October 29, 2009 at 12:06 AM #

    Did you make the cake batter with a wooden spoon? Impressive! Your great grandma (mamita) would be proud of you. That is the way she whipped cake all her life. She never had a Kitchen Aid and when she came to the States and her kids had Kitchen Aids in their kitchen, she never used them. She loved using a good wooden spoon.

  5. snackface October 29, 2009 at 10:23 AM #

    Don’t you love it when your mom comments on your blog? I always do. Yours is adorable.

    And, seriously, why you gotta be so gorge? Even in XL sweatpants that I own, too!

    This looks like an awesome, fun, delicious night!

  6. natalie ( October 29, 2009 at 10:44 AM #

    Just came across your blog and I really love it. You are too cute! i love reading your post and am excited i found you!!

  7. Jessica (jesslikesithot) October 29, 2009 at 11:23 AM #

    Aw how fun!! I would be ALL over the salsa and guac. I’ll dip anything and everything in that goodness!! Hahahha, obsessed.

    And to answer your comment on my last post- i’m a sophomore 🙂 are you too?

    • Tina October 29, 2009 at 11:28 AM #

      nope, freshman!

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