Pumpkin Day

21 Oct

I had such good eats today. Everything I had was so satisfying and delicious. And a few things were pumpkin filled 😛

It was the most beeeautiful day today! It was in the 70s and hot out. I almost forgot what natural heat felt like. The trees are incredibly beautiful right now. They are bright red, orange, and yellow and just full of leaves. Hopefully it’s nice again tomorrow so I can take some pictures.

Breakfast was delicious beyond words today. Oh my, I can’t even describe how good my bowl of oatmeal was today.


Pumpkin oats with crumbled pumpkin bread and a drizzle of almond butter.

Take a moment and appreciate that.

Soooo good!! Last night I combined 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c water, 1/2 c almond milk, 1/2 supaaa ripe banana, TONS of cinnamon, and maybe 1/4-1/3 c pumpkin puree. And when I say a TON of cinnamon, I really mean a ton. I was pouring it onto my oats as I usually do, and the cap came off and maybe 2 or 3 TBS came out. Ah! I mean…I like cinnamon, but that would just be a little too much spice for me. Plus, I’m pretty sure cinnamon is toxic in large quantities?! But I was crafty and a crisis was diverted. My oats were definitely a little spicier than normal today though 🙂


In the morning, I added a tiny bit more water, and microwaved it for 3 minutes. When I got back to my room, I added a spoonful more of pumpkin, and crumbled a small slice of bread on top. Topped with a little drizzle of almond butter, this was perfection. It was creamy and rich, and just completely fall-esque. I can’t wait to have it for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it but I’m a volunteer for a program called ESOL. That stands for something but I don’t actually know what. Anyways, once a week I meet with my four “students” and give them a little English lesson. There are 2 from China, 1 from Taiwan, and 1 from Japan. It’s so great! I love learning about their culture, and teaching them about ours. It’s helped me to be patient and learn to listen. The program goes until December, and I’ve just had fun already. My students say the funniest things sometimes. One of the guys from China today was telling us how it is polite to smell people when you first meet them. Apparently it says a lot about a person! Oh and part of the lesson was to play “Would You Rather?” Let’s just say they didn’t quite understand why I was asking them whether they’d rather eat soap or drink dish washing detergent…

I made a quick lunch upon my return:


A Dr. Praeger burger, half of which I stuffed into a pita. I put some hummus and Dijon in the pita too. And on the side:


The juiciest and most delectable Fuji apple, some hummus and babaganoush. That apple was just the epitome of fall. And that was only half of it!

I was actually planning on volunteering at the co-op today, but then I saw some friends hanging out outside and I realized I wanted to spend this beautiful day outside. The weather’s not looking great for the weekend, and I just want to take advantage of what I have now. Winter’s coming and we know I won’t be seeing any more 70 degree days! So I just sat outside on some picnic tables for a few hours with friends and had a good afternoon. My roommate and I were going to play tennis but all the courts were full! I was bummed, but we’ll make it there someday!

Dinner was nourishing and pretty similar to yesterday’s lunch:


A stir-fry with tofu, broc, cucumber, cauliflower, red onion, green pepper, kidney beans, jalapenos, and some hummus and hot sauce on the side to dip. Simple, yet so good.

I kind of lazed around for a bit, got a little homework done (emphasis on the little), and my friend Doris and I decided to hit up Late Night at the diner. Basically, it’s from 9-midnight and they have just a ton of unhealthy food. Nachos, hot wings, cheesesteaks, you name it! I’m wayyy over on my dining points (since I obviously make a lot of meals!) and need to get down to $560 by Oct 30. Before tonight I was at $750. Haha, $200 in less than 10 days on dining hall food? I don’t think so! I enlisted the help of the guys upstairs. 4 of them were headed to Late Night as well, so I told them I’d pay for everyone! That definitely made them all happy 😛 But the total only ended up being $35. What the heck?!! The boys all got nachos, waffles, pretzels and cheese, etc. I don’t know how they eat like that at 10:30pm and aren’t waddling around. They’re awesome though!

As another way to get pumpkin today, I got pumpkin ice cream. It was really good! And luckily not extremely bright fake orange like some can be. My school is actually pretty well known for their ice cream, and I hadn’t had any before tonight. Definitely good, but I still prefer my Ben and Jerry’s.

I’ll leave you with a beeeautiful sunset picture that I captured this summer:


Bianca and Grace, I miss our Kirkland summer nights getting frozen yogurt and watching the sunset so much! We’ll just have to do it in the winter when I get back 😉

Alright, I’m off!


One Response to “Pumpkin Day”

  1. Brandi October 22, 2009 at 10:15 AM #

    what a pretty sunset 🙂 those pumpkin oats sound awesome!

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