2 Oct

Yaaaa yaaa Friday at last!!

Actually this week wasn’t too bad. That was last week. Oh my, last week was midterms and papers galore! I did have 2 tests this week, but nothing too horrible. It always seems to happen that way–everything will be so chill for a while and then BAM! everything hits you all at once. I know all my friends felt that this week too.

I only my Sociology discussion left today and then I’m done. I loveeee being out by 11am on Fridays. But next semester, you bet I will not be signing up for an 8am class M-F!! What a foolish and naive freshman I was thinking that would be fine.

On to yesterday’s eats!


Microwaving oats leads to dirty rims on the bowl! I do not enjoy that. This was my yummy mix of oats, water, almond milk, CINNAMON, banana, and Kashi on top. And don’t forget that spoonful of peanut butter. I have about 1 tbs left in the jar. This is the first jar I’ve eaten all by myself! Took exactly one month 🙂 I plan on washing and saving all my jars from the year. Muahaha 😀

Thursdays are busy days. After breakfast, I go to math, 8-8:50. Then I come back to the room for a little, then leave for Art History, 9:30-10:20. I get a few hours of break then until Sociology. I really hate having soc at 12:30. It’s too early for me to eat lunch, and when I get out at 1:40, I am FAMISHED! I had a snack of half a bar and some yogurt, but my stomach definitely let out a growl during class. I was sitting next to a friend and we both started laughing.

I just wanted something quick when I got back to the room, and I whipped this up:



A Dr. Praeger burger, hummus, random chickpeas, broccoli, and tofu. And let’s not forget my favorite hot sauce 😀

My brother told me those burgers look “narrrsty” and I kind of agree, but I think they are so delicious. I love getting whole edamame, and chunks of corn and carrot.

This was definitely not enough, and I had this beeeautiful Fuji apple!


This picture does not do the apple JUSTICE. It was the prettiest shade of pink and yellow, and perfectly crispay and sweet. Fall apples are truly the best. I can’t wait to eat pounds and pounds of them this fall.

After lunch, I headed to my history (snoozefest) discussion. I really almost fell asleep. It was actually painful to keep my eyes open. I don’t know if I was really tired, or it was just the TA. But afterwards, I had planned on going to the gym so I brought all my stuff with me. I hadn’t gone to the gym allll last week and I hated it! My body feels weird when I don’t I get tired and crampy. It felt SOOO good to do 45 sweeeaty minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes of walking cool down. Then I did a bit of abs and some good stretching. I read “Garlic and Sapphires” by Ruth Reichl while working out, and finished it. I loooved that book! She used to be a food critic for the NYTimes, and is now the editor of Gourmet. She has my dream job!! Read this book; her descriptions of the meals she ate are out of this WORLD!

I was pretttty hungry when I came back from the gym, and definitely too tired to walk over to the dining hall. I had to scrounge up what I had, which isn’t much.



I feel like I eat this a lot, but it fills me up and tastes good. Sweet potatoes have become one of my best friends since coming to school. Just a quick 6 minutes in the micro and it’s ready. I just eat it with tons of hummus and hot sauce. Plus some 4% cottage cheese on the side for protein. My muscles needed some rebuilding FO SHO!

A nice shower was taken, then I (tried very hard to) study for sociology. I’m a little behind in the reading. It’s kind of dull right now! I seriously closed my book for 5 minutes and closed my eyes and almost fell asleep. I had to jump out of my bed (prob not the best place to study in the first place…) and sit at my desk. It was only 9pm, so I definitely couldn’t go to bed then! Luckily I had some Ben and Jerry’s NY Super Fudge Chunk to keep me awake 🙂

Ok, time to get ready for class. But first I have two questions to anyone reading–

What is your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? Grace and I need to know which are best!

Any college students or grads (or whatever) out there, what do you recommend as quick healthy meals? I need ideas!

I would definitely appreciate some help! 😀


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