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30 Sep

This is gonna be a fast one. I didn’t take many pictures yesterday. I’m not sure why.

Yesterday was a fun day! After I was done with my morning/early afternoon classes, I went to pick up a package!! Enter the best hot sauce in the world:

Photo 130

Frank’s Red Hot!! My sisters and I went through sooo much of this at home, that my dad found somewhere to buy a gallon of it online. I can’t find it here, and so he shipped me a gallon! THANK YOU DAD!! Everyone found it quite amusing that my parents were sending me hot sauce.

After opening that glorious present, I went to get some lunch. I was craving one of those good salads I got last week, but they had different top

pings this time 😦 Unfortunately they weren’t great choices, but I dealt! They had like asparagus (I do not like you raw), pasta salad (I just plain don’t understand this), and craisins. Nooo thank you! This is what I managed to get:


I got the iceberg lettuce (yes, I know it has no nutritional value but it tastes way better), carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, and feta. I added some tofu and jalapeno when I got back to my room. And proceeded to dump lots of hot sauce on it. Mmmm, missed my Frank’s!!

Also, a slice of toast with hummus:


After my toast this morning, I finally finished that loaf of bread. Took me a month!! I think I’m gonna get some bread from the co-op now. They have really grainy, seedy breads that are so good.

After lunch, I had another class. Lovely times were had. Aaaand then I took my laptop outside to get some work done. Yeah, didn’t happen! A bunch of guys from my dorm were outside tossing around a football and kept yelling for me to come, so of course I obliged! It was fun. Everyone’s so chill here!

Around 7:15, I left to meet my friend at the rec center. We were gonna do a little cardio and then yoga at 8:15. Of course, the minute I reach the door, I realize that I forgot my group fitness pass! Blahhhh. And it’s like a 15 minute walk to the gym. And it’s getting colder here everyday. No bueno! We ended up doing some elliptical and then venturing into the weight room. It’s kind of intimidating in there because it’s all guys, and they’re all hardcore and serious about their weights! I definitely think I would only go in there with a friend.

Ah, just realized I need to leave for class in a few minutes! Here’s dinner, quickly:

STP61414Microwaved sweet potato, tofu, broccoli, hummus, hot sauce &


Delicious 4% cottage cheese.

I went to a meeting after this, came back, was still hungry and had some delicious granola.

Ok time for history lecture!


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