Time to enjoy the day!!

29 Sep

YESSSS!! Just finished my art history exam aaand…I think I did pretty well! I don’t wanna jinx myself but I’m thinking I’ll get a semi-good grade. Studying for that mother was KILLER. I had like 53 different images and sculptures to memorize, along with a buttload of vocab. On the test we had 5 vocab words (5!!! Out of like 100!!), 6 slide i.d.’s (he puts up the painting and we have to write down the title, artist, date, medium, patron, and original location…yeah..so easy…), 1 unknown painting where we basically just guess, and then  a comparison essay of 2 paintings. There’s definitely some things I messed up on or missed, but overall it wasn’t bad.

It’s a sunny but chilly day, and now I get to enjoy it! Just two more classes. I’m dying to work out today too! I haven’t had a chance to for more than week and it’s painful! Like actually painful…for some reason I get cramps in my legs when I don’t exercise, and definitely when I sit for too long. And I’ve definitely been sitting too much as I’ve been studying like crazy this past week.

I don’t want to (and don’t actually) post every single thing I eat, but here are some interesting things I’ve had over the past few days!


Stephen, thanks for telling me how to use the macro setting on my camera! I don’t know how I lived without it. Prepare yo-selves for some nice photos 😉

This is HEAB’s famous oats in a jar. But I did overnight oats in a jar. Man oh man, this was so good. With tonnsss of cinnamon dumped on every new layer, an extra dollop of peanut butter, and some granola for crunch-sake. Lovely!

Look how cool it looked from the side!



There has been plenty of ice cream to keep me awake during those late night study hours…


Oh I had such a good lunch yesterday! Being at school can sometimes make meals so redundant, due to gross dining hall food, limited resources, and lack of funds. But I had all the stuff to make PB&Jenny’s tuna salad. This looked so good on her blog, I couldn’t wait to get some tuna and make it! I made a few changes as well.


I used a can of Whole Foods 365 Tuna, mixed with one Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb wedge, and a little plain yogurt. I decided to get feisty and add some jalapenos, chickpeas, shredded carrot, and sliced grapes. The grapes MADE it! That little burst of sweetness every now and then, with the salt and spice, was awesome. I had it with some cucumber, cauliflower, sesame crackers, and a couple Kashi’s. A verrry good lunch, and a great change from the usual.

After lunch and journalism, I knew I had to study for art history. I went to the library for a bit, only to realize I had no pen. I also started to feel really sick for some reason. Pounding headache, and I felt kind of feverish. Hot and cold at the same time. No bueno. I went back to my dorm (just as it started raining…lucky me) and actually laid down for a good hour. This is very strange for me as I NEVER nap. Really, I hate naps. I think my body can run on such a small amount of sleep, that any extra just messes me up and doesn’t allow me to fall asleep at night. My roommates came in and were like “You’re in bed?!!”. Haha. Normally it’s them, not me in bed! They’re actually both sleeping right now, and it’s 11:10am. I’ve already been to two classes…haha.

I had oatmeal last night for dinner. It was all I was craving and felt like I could eat. ‘Twas delicious. Then my roommate and I went to the shop to get some Ben & Jerry’s. It was necessary. I got Banana Split, a new flava for me! But I’m waiting for Grace Face to get hers so we can eat it over iChat 🙂

I had fun studying in the 2nd floor lounge last night. By the way, 2nd floor is the boy’s floor. Haha. But they have a nice and big lounge, and not many people use it. My roommate and I went up there for like 3 hours or more. It was fun. I did get some work done amidst boys coming in and out and chillin. At one point, someone announced it was another guy’s birthday so we all went and sang to him. Then we realized it was another girl’s birthday, so a group of like 15 of us went and found her in the basement and sang. Oh college, you amuse me!

After going to bed around 1:30-45ish and waking up at 6:40, I was sooo tired this morning! I think I stumbled down the hallway to the bathroom with my eyes closed. But I had such a good breakfast! And it was new!



Dang, I just tried so hard to rotate that, but it wouldn’t cooperate. I basically made these the exact way I do oats, but with oat bran. I looooved the texture, and it was super voluminous. And I’m kinda still full! And I ate 4 hours ago! Yay fiber!

Oh, I never put in one of the videos I took when Obama was here!

I hope that works. Amazing day!

And just because I miss them so so so much, here are some pictures of my fam (hope they don’t mind):

CIMG0196Bianca and I at the Coldplay concert this summer. Most beautiful stadium, and such a fun concert.

STP60339Grace and I walking in D.C.

*HA!! Just noticed that I’m wearing the same shirt in both pictures. Nice.

STP60643My baby Maggie holding 3 Beanie Babies in her mouth. So funny!

Alrighty, time to study and read a bit before Soccccc.


3 Responses to “Time to enjoy the day!!”

  1. Jeff Barr September 29, 2009 at 12:18 PM #

    Hi Tina, sounds like your test went well, congratulations.

    I hope that you are feeling better now. Keep rested and you’ll do just fine!

    Did you bottle of Frank’s arrive yet? I am looking forward to seeing it in a post!



  2. Grandpop Steve September 30, 2009 at 11:24 AM #

    Hi Tina

    Glad to hear that the test went well for you. Your pictures make me hungry. I found this on google. It’s a link to how college students can protect themselves from the flu


    Have you tried to take a nap during the day. Set a timer so you don’t sleep too long. It works for me.


    gp steve

  3. Mom October 3, 2009 at 1:46 AM #

    You are so lucky you got to see the President of the US! What a memorable day for you.

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