Shopping + Sushi = Saturday

27 Sep

Hola hola hola!

How is everybody on this fine (although gray) Sunday? It’s been a busy busy weekend, and this week is going to be pretty busy as well. I like Sundays around school. It’s nice and quiet, and everybody is just resting and preparing for the week. I just got back from church, and am going to start studying for my art history midterm I have on Tuesday. Soo nervous!! Any tips for memorizing a million vocab words, paintings, and sculptures?! It would be MUCH appreciated!

After I ate that lovely oatmeal breakfast yesterday, I worked on my history paper for about 2 straight hours and just got it done. It turned out to be a lovely 5 pages! Not sure if I did it completely the way the teacher wanted, but it’s good writing all in all. Thank you Giselle for forcing me to work on it šŸ˜‰

All of that extremely hard work definitely gave me an appetite for lunch! We were all going to go shopping, so I just wanted something quick and easy.


This was such a good lunch! Simple and delicious. I had a Dr. Praeger burger, two chopped carrots, hummus, avacado, and a slice of this awesome loaf of bread. It was like oatmeal wheat something?? I believe it was from Whole Foods. I love playing with my food and making different combos, so I would rip off a piece of bread, squish some avacado on it, take a chunk of the burger and eat it all šŸ˜€

We headed to the mall after this. I got to go to J. Crew! Made me so happy. I wanted SO many things but, alas, I’m now a poor college student. My mind is having trouble adjusting to this! I still bought a lovely sweater, which I proceeded to leave in the car when I was dropped off at school. NO BUENO!!

After a few hours of shopping, we decided to go to this sushi place in Bethesda. It was called Matuba. It was soo good. Giselle said she’d been going there for 30 years or something?? They’re like really well known in the area I think, and we sat right by the sushi bar and talked to the guy, Tony, the whole time. We chose a variety of rolls:


This was the Rainbow Roll. I actually don’t remember what was in it. I know it had shrimp…but the avocado on top was delicious, especially with the crunchy stuff on top.


From left to right we have the California roll, salmon w/ avocado, spicy tuna, and Dragon roll. I love how every roll we ordered had avocado. It just makes the entire thing so creamy and balanced. The Dragon roll was amazing. I’m not sure what was inside, but on top was eel. I looove eel! I think I’ve only ever had it on sushi, so I’m really curious what a bigger amount of it would be like.

Thank you Giselle and Shawn for treating me here šŸ™‚

The chef, Tony, made these super cute carrot butterflies for Max! Those knife skills are sooo impressive. He was this Latin guy, but he also spoke Japanese! Crazy!!


Well, as much as I’d like to procrastinate and keep writing, I really do need to study.

And thank you to any new readers out there! It makes me so excited and happy to hear from you šŸ˜€

Buh byeeee!


One Response to “Shopping + Sushi = Saturday”

  1. andyasb September 28, 2009 at 3:45 AM #

    that Dr. Prager burger looks narrrrsty….

    btw, vocab, is easy. You should use the supermemo software and upload your own cards. Or just type them out a few times/practice using them in sentances. trust me, that is how I learn a lot of words.

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