Embassy of Finland and OBAMA!

18 Sep

This week has been so much fun! The opportunities that are available while living in D.C. are endless, and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to do these great things this week.

I don’t want to take too long to do this so here it is!

On Wednesday, GC had an optional field trip to visit the Embassy of Finland. Of course I wanted to go! A group of about 15 of us left at 9:30, and took the metro and a bus over to the Embassy. I was kind of confused because seriously, this embassy is not very pretty from the outside. It looked like a parking garage covered in vines.


So we all went inside, and this woman just took us downstairs and we watched a few videos about Finland. It all seemed like an advertisement to come there. It actually looks like kind of a cool country. Except the worst thing is, for 54 days of the year, the sun doesn’t rise!!! I couldn’t handle that. It was all very modern inside, and surprisingly empty. I guess Finland is known for their architecture and saunas. They had a full sauna in the basement. Here are picsss:



This reminded me of the house in Twilight. Finland is primarily forest so they tried to surround it in nature I guess.



Pretty cool!

Here’s the group of us outside:



Afterwards, some people had to go back to campus for class, and the others all wanted to go out for lunch. I didn’t have any more classes so I stayed out. Plus, we had free all-day Metro passes so of course we wanted to take advantage! We headed into Chinatown (which everyone calls China Block because it’s so small) and just went straight through and went to this place called Matchstick Bistro. It was really good! I guess they are known for their oven-fired pizzas. Everyone decided so fast that I barely had time to decide. I just settled on the veggie. I mean, it was good, but way too cheesy for my taste, and when I read that there was fingerling potatoes on it, I didn’t think they’d be like potato chips…but I got lunch and dinner out it so I’m not complaining! The crust was ultra thin which was a plus.


cremini mushrooms / spanish onion / roasted poblano peppers / roasted garlic / mozzarella / fresh herbs / fingerling potato crisps

Then we headed back to school and I was pretty tired and just chilled for a while. Until my friend Su, texted me and said that she had volunteered to work at the Obama rally so of course I signed up too! We had no idea what we were going to be doing, but definitely wanted to see. So Wednesday night, we had to go to the Comcast Center for training. We were there from like 7:30-almost 10. It took so long! The group we ended up being in was ushers. Our job was basically to show people to their seats and make sure they went to the appropriate sections, etc. Not that fun but whatev.


We had to be at the Comcast Center by 6:30 am. Ahh, so early! I woke up at 5. Other people that were waiting in line though left at like 4:30! It was crazy. My “team leader” told us all to eat a biggg breakfast because we’d been standing for around 5 hours and wouldn’t have a chance to eat. I fueled up with this delicious breakfast:


Here we have 2 slices of toast-1 with 365 PB and cinnamon, and the other with PB&CO Cinn Raisin Swirl. Each had like 1.5 TBS haha. I needed to stay full! And then a sliced banananana on the side. Very very good as always.

We took the Night Ride bus over to the Comcast Center, and man it was dark and there was already a hugeee line!


Random people.


Some dedicated people right there!


My group of volunteers!


Hahahaha I was trying to snap a pic of security and this guy walks by. Is this not the funniest thing ever?!!?


My friend Su and I! Those volunteer credentials seriously let us in anywhere. It was great.


We were right next to the marching band! Nice and loud!


So many people!! Lotssss of press of course.

I’m gonna skip the pictures of the lady that said a prayer and of a senator speaking.





Haha, that last one was on ultra zoom!

His speech was amazing. Every time he said “Maryland’ or “Terps” the crowd went CRAZY! There was so much spirit there. Unfortunately, there was one heckler who started yelling and then everyone in his section started booing really loudly. This caused Obama to stop and he was like “Alright guys, relax”. He got thrown out for sure. Other than that, everything else was wonderful! It was definitely worth missing 2 lectures for. In 10 years, will I remember those or seeing the President? I think we all know the answer!


Leaving the stage!


Look at that big smile! He went around the circle of people on the floor and shook hands with everyone. So lucky! It was funny watching the Secret Service. They just shuffle side to side with him.


And that was the end!

For the rest of the day, I just hung out, went to my History discussion, got some food, and basically chilled. I was soo exhausted. Having gone to bed 12:30-1 the whole week, and getting up at 5 am that morning, I was so tired. My roommate and I both were in bed by 10:30 last night! A new record.

Oh yeah, so we all have our dining points that we have to use by tomorrow. How it works is we start off with like $1200 or something, and we have these checkpoints where we have to be down to a certain amount of money. Well…by Wednesday I was only down to $1150! I had only spent $50 in the 2 1/2 weeks of being here. Everyone has to get to a maximum of $940, so right now everyone is buying SOO much food. It’s actually really funny. I’ve gotten 3 huge containers of fruit, 1 of vegetables, some muffins, cookies, and soy milk and rice milk. This guy, Claudius, came in last night with 4 containers of CAKE. I also saw a girl today with a huge thing of cereal. No one wants the school to take our money!! If you don’t spend it, it just gets emptied to $940 anyway soooo I’m not letting that happen. Except I still have $140 to spend by today…uh oh!

Alright, time for some lunch I’m huuungry. Maybe I’ll take some pics 🙂

Bye!! Hope you all enjoyed reading about my wonderfully exciting week 😛


5 Responses to “Embassy of Finland and OBAMA!”

  1. Jeff Barr September 18, 2009 at 5:00 PM #

    Hi Tina,

    I am happy to see that you are having such a great time at school! It is good that you are taking advantage of all of the extra-curricular activities available to you!



  2. Giselle September 18, 2009 at 7:08 PM #

    Fire it up, ready to go!! So glad you went to see Obama! You were pretty close!

    We’ll see ya this weekend for a good home-cooked meal. Debating between locro or tofu chili… also some homemade bread! Talk soon!

  3. healthyterp September 18, 2009 at 10:49 PM #

    what’s locro? mmmm I’ve been craving tofu!

  4. Giselle September 19, 2009 at 4:43 PM #

    this is the a definition of locro – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locro

    but I make it with no meat, just plenty of butternut squash, yukon gold potatoes, shallots, corn and cilantro – and of course some sort of rich, hearty cheese. you made me think of it when you mentioned the squash the other day…

    • healthyterp September 19, 2009 at 5:30 PM #

      that looks SO good! man butternut squash and corn are the best. not TOO much cheese though! and of course we need a BIG salad

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