Exciting week!

15 Sep

Hey babies!

It’s such a beautiful day here in College Park! The sun is definitely shining through my window right now. Yesterday it was so hot out! It was nice after last week with the rain and icky gray skies.

This week is going to be so much fun! Ah, so much to look forward to.I’ll tell you all at the end of the post 😛

Yesterday morning I went to my math class as usual. Nothing exciting of course. 8 am everyday is not fun! 10 am is when I have my history lecture. That wasn’t too bad. Luckily, I have a cool professor who is probably in his late 30’s, early 40’s, and he’s pretty funny. After that is when I have my mad dash to art history discussion! I have 10 minutes between the classes, and it takes about 3 just to get out of my lecture and building. So then I have to go up this big hill and across the street and finally get to the Art-Sociology building. It’s just so fun feeling rushed! Haha.

I can tell art history is going to be hard! We already are memorizing paintings and having to talk all about them. We are examining art from Italy from the 1300s-1500s right now. Here’s a few of my favorite paintings from these chapters:


This is “Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride” by Jan van Eyck, 1434

mantegna_deadchrist“Foreshortened Christ” by Andrea Mantegna, 1500

I like art history, but I know it’s going to be a LOT of memorization and hard work! First test is coming up soon eeeeek.

Let’s see, after art history I went to the dining hall to get some provisions. I knew I wanted some of my food back in my dorm, so I mostly got stuff to accompany it. There were delicious looking grapes, watermelon, and pineapple! Also some random leaves of romaine. Oh yes, and broccoli and cucumber. I had big plans for all of this!

So yes, I was walking back from the dining hall carrying my stuff, and looking at our school newspaper, The Diamondback, and this lady kept going “Excuse me! Excuse me!” and I was so confused and I stopped but didn’t know what she wanted and kept going. She kept saying it though, and then finally this guy comes running after me, and apparently I dropped my sweater! Haha. What a kind soul he was. I then continued my trek back to my dorm and ran into a new friend. He told me he was on his way to get breakfast (it was like 12:15) and I told him I’d already been to 3 classes that morning. I’m just so productive.

Upon coming back to my room, I decided I wanted another Amy’s Burrito! This was the SW one with corn masa, refried beans, and cheese. HOLY MAMA IT WAS SO GOOD! I looove corn masa as I think I said in my last post. I miss mom’s tamales!!

After microwaving it in the basement (and getting molten hot lava beans on my hands), I also microwaved my veggies in a bowl with a little water to try and steam them. I was in need of some seasoning and I’m just so crafty I can hardly handle it. There were random bottles of cayenne and dried cilantro in the cupboard so I used that. There were also these packets of Papa John’s “Special Seasonings”. It had like garlic, salt, and other stuff. So I sprinkled some of that on there! It actually worked well and was quite deelish!

Here’s the spread:


I also had a summer squash that I need to use, so I sliced up half of that. And of course a little hummus on the side! So yummy! I ate this while reading the news in preparation for my journalism class.

Oh man, this class is tough! Every Monday we have a news quiz of the past week. But we didn’t have class last week because of Labor Day and so it was 2 weeks! It’s only 10 questions, but it can be about anything. I think I got 6/10. Luckily, we drop our 2 lowest scores haha. Yeah there were questions about the Red Skins (heck if I know anything about them), China’s new tax on tires, what new restaurant is opening in College Park (Ledo’s-I think this was a trick considering there already is one?!), and stuff like that. Now I know I need to read the news WAY more in detail and definitely everyday.

After journalism, I headed straight to the gym. It was so freakin’ hot out! I worked up a sweat just on my way over. I did a nice 25 minutes on an elliptical while reading “Garlic and Sapphires” by Ruth Reichl. It’s about this woman who is the food critic for the NYTimes, and she goes around to restaurants in disguise. it’s so funny! And she describes the food beautifully. Giselle lent it to me, and I want to read more of this woman’s books for sure.

Ok this is taking too long so I’ll just skip to dinner. I microwaved a sweet potato, had some yogurt and cereal with cinnamon, and hummus on the side. Oh yeah, I also tried some peanut butter on the potato. SO GOOD! Of course my roommates laughed at me, but it was awesome! Sweet and salty, the best food combo.

Here it issss:


Oh yes, and the romaine on the side for some ccrrrrunch. Very good and nutritious!

After a little studying and showering, my friend texted me and said to come watch Gossip Girl upstairs with some people! Of course I went up right when i got that! It was the premiere and this season is gonna be gooood.

I also had a big bowl of granola last night and it was great.

Oh and here’s my Ben and Jerry’s from the other night! Cinnamon Buns! With a chunk of a pb&j bar that I have in my freezer:


Sorta blurry sorry! But those cinnamon bun chunks and streusel are amazing. Grace knows whats up.

So this week quickly! President Obama is coming on Thursday and you bet I’m going. Some friends and i are planning on leaving here around 6 am I think! Doors open at 9 am, and I think it begins at 11. The line is going to be soooo long! Especially since it won’t only be students attending. I’m so excited. It is definitely worth skipping art history for.

Also, tomorrow I’m going on a field trip with Global Communities. We are going to the Finland Embassy! Random, but I think going to any embassy is such a cool experience! I’ll take some pics I hope and post them here! And on facebook of course.

Okay, time to go.



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