Church, Conjunctivitis, and Cottage Cheese

13 Sep


Man, it would be so hard to blog everyday. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it someday but right now it’s definitely not possible. I do love it though. It’s fun to just write whatever comes to my head.

I’ve had a really fun weekend! First up, Friday night. A couple of the guys that live upstairs decided to organize a “Dorchester dance party”. I saw flyers up for it all week and I though it was so funny. I decided to check it out that night and I’m so glad I went! I knew a few girls that were coming so I met them down there. A surprising amount of people showed up-even ones from other dorms. This guy apparently had all these lasers and strobe lights in his dorm room and he set them all up in the basement. Music was blasting and there was dancing indeed! It was goofy and fun. I talked to a lot of great people, and got to know some people better. I was with these girls, Doris, Julia, and Su, and we ended up hanging out in my RA Lauren’s room with these guys Jose and Fernando. Jose is another RA and I think Fernando is his cousin, and he is visiting from Spain. So yeah, we just hung out til like 1:30, talking and playing random games. ‘Twas a good night!

Let’s see. Yesterday I didn’t do much during the day. I seriously just chilled and vegged in my room all day. Haha. Well, I went out for a little to get groceries but not much. Oh yeah! Saturday I woke up and my eye was completely red and crazy. I think I have conjunctivitis again. It’s totally red but it does not hurt at all. Everyone I talk to is like, “What’s wrong with your eye??!” Yeah, kinda annoying! Here’s a pic—this is mostly for Mom’s sake:

so hot

so hot

Send me those eyedrops!!! And it wouldn’t hurt if you could throw in some raspberry and strawberry jam 😉

So last night was also the UMD Football game against James Madison. I actually had a ticket, but I didn’t really have good people to go with. I only knew one girl going, and I knew that she was tailgating at her brothers house and I really didn’t feel like being around her friends and alcohol. So I just skipped it and hung with these other girls that also didn’t have tickets. Same ones as Friday night. We went to Chipotle where I got a deeeelish salad. Kind of expensive but good. It had romaine, black beans, corn salsa, pico de gallo, and guac! Mmmm guac. We then walked back and found a bunch of girls on their floor that were going to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic. So we joined them. Haha, it’s a predictable movie, but entertaining and cheesy and fun. What else did we do…oh yes we went to the 2nd floor (boys floor) and just talked with random people through there. I’m so glad I found these girls! Two of them don’t really drink. When they told me that I was like, “I found my people!” Haha, so happy.

Oh, I think this is my lunch from either Friday or Saturday:


Here we have an Amy’s Burrito (black bean), a sliced Fuji apple, a couple Kashi’s, and a little blob of hummus. Amy’s Burritos are super good! And they don’t have any funky ingredients or preservatives. Score! I have 2 more in the freezer. They’re like Southwestern and have corn masa in them. So excited to eat them!! I love anything with masa i.e. tamales.

I also had some Ben & Jerry’s last night. Cinnamon Bunssssss…Grace you know wassup.I’ll probably have more tonight. But girl, you need to buy some NY Super Fudge Chunk so we can eat it “together”!!!

After a lovely and deep night’s rest, I awoke to a sunshiney morning. Finally! It’s been kinda gray and rainy this week. I had a breakfast of toast with peanut butter, sliced banana, and some cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese. The Friendship brand from Whole Foods is REALLY good.

I got all nice and ready for church (with my still crazy red eye), and a girl I met at Institute picked me up at 10:40. We are in the Glenndale Ward. It’s about 20 minutes away. Yeah, it’s a very small ward. About 40 people maybe? Hard to guess. But definitely very small. And not really any cute guys. I’m the youngest there, but there’s another girl from UMD who’s 18 and a sophomore. Her name is Chrissy. She’s so happy that I took the title of being the youngest away from her haha. Oh, and Stephen-she has a brother that lives in Rochester too! We were wondering if you knew each other. He goes to the music school that is part of the University. Last name Britton? Let me know!

All in all, it was a good church meeting, although different from what I’m used to. Maybe it’s just that nothing compares to my beautiful big family ward back at home. Oh yeah, they had a “linger longer” after church but you know what it consisted of? A big pot of boiled hot dogs, couple packages of white buns, and tons of soda. Yeah…I didn’t partake. Chrissy and I decided to wait and get something to eat once we got back to school.

We hit up the Diner, and went to this place called Sprouts. They’re all vegetarian/vegan. Except they had lots of pasta and breadsticks. That drives me nuts. Vegetarian food is not all pasta people!!! But they actually had these wraps that we got. They were spinach tortillas (BIGGEST TORTILLAS EVER!! I swear these were a foot across), and we had hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sprouts, bell peppers, and honey mustard in them. I only ate half and saved the other half for later.

So, then I came to my dorm, decided to do dishes and went downstairs. My friends were down there, so I quickly finished up, came back to my room, got my laptop and books and went back. I was down there for a while. We all talked, and I’m so glad to be hanging out with them! Doris is from the Netherlands, so it’s awesome to talk to her and learn from her. She was actually doing Spanish homework and I was helping her with that!

I got prettttyyy hungry after awhile (and my laptop ran out of battery), so I headed back up here where I made this feast–


I took the innards out of my wrap because that tortilla was kinda funkay (it was bright green–def not all naturale) and spread half of a Laughing Cow cheese on half an Ezekiel. On the other half of the Ezekiel, I put the cheese on a quarter, and hummus on a quarter. So many fractions…haha actually I put a quarter of the cheese on the quarter of the tortilla, and kept a little quarter to spread on crackers. I’m so weird. I also have a little hummus on the side, and a little mound of cottage! It was yummy. I’m watching “The Lake House”. This movie is boring and weird.

Ok, I best be getting to my homework. A lot of reading needs to get done!

Oh yes, I tested out of my grammar class. YIPPEEEE!!!!! I needed 80% to pass and that’s what I got! Muahaha. Now I’ll be done by 11 am on Wednesdays AND Fridays. So glad.

Also, this girl told me that President Obama is COMING HERE ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!! To the Comcast Center on campus. YOU BEST BELIEVE I’M GOING TO GO TO THAT!!!! I hope I get in. That would be a day in HISTORY.

Alrighty, love you all and miss you all SO MUCH!! Please send me pics (and care packages HELLO!)



4 Responses to “Church, Conjunctivitis, and Cottage Cheese”

  1. Mom September 14, 2009 at 1:02 AM #

    Tina! Your eye is so red!!! My goodness girl. You should have gone to the University doctor. Anyway, I’m sending your drops tomorrow for a next day delivery. You should get it on Tuesday. Meanwhile, put a hot washcloth on your eye, as hot as you can handle it.
    Take care sweetheart and have a wonderful week! We miss you too.

  2. Mom September 14, 2009 at 1:04 AM #

    Also, wash your hands all the time. you probably touch your eye with dirty hands. do you carry a bottle of sanitizer with you at all times?

  3. Stephen September 14, 2009 at 8:30 AM #

    >Oh yeah, they had a “linger longer” after church but you know what it consisted of? A big pot of boiled hot dogs, couple packages of white buns, and tons of soda. Yeah…I didn’t partake. Chrissy and I decided to wait and get something to eat once we got back to school.

    I know the feeling. I rarely eat at those kind of events.

    Have a fun week. I should have my Skype headset back later today so maybe I can call l8r. See you.

  4. Bianca!!!! September 15, 2009 at 10:46 AM #

    Hey girl, so sorry about the eye does not look fun at all!! Haha give me a shout out from your blog 😉

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