I love Global Communities.

2 Sep

It’s the end of day 3 here at UMD! Each day has gotten better and better. After the first day I was pretty homesick, and although I had a pretty good day at class, my experience at dinner was not fun. I ended up eating with this girl in my dorm that I really like and get along with but we met up with her 3 friends. They all knew each other from high school and pretty much the entire dinner talked about high school and who they knew there. Ah! I thought that was supposed to be over. And then they started talking about alcohol and blah blah blah I was bored.

But yesterday was much better! I had my classes during the day of course, but the fun part was at night. My dorm was having a game night, and anyone that wanted to could come. Oh, I guess I should explain what Global Communities is to people that don’t know.

Global Communities is a living-learning program here at the university. A living-learning program is one where you live in a dorm with people in the same group as you, and you have certain classes you need to take in order to receive notation. When I’m done with this 2-year program, I will have a notation on my transcript of “Global Competency” or something like that. To be in GC, you have to show a great interest in culture and diversity. Most people in it are extremely interested in travel, and many students have done study abroad already or plan to do it in the future. Being in GC is going to make study abroad a much easier process for me! I’m so excited to do it. Another awesome thing about my dorm and being in GC is that many of the exchange students at UMD live here. I’ve met people from Germany, Denmark, and Britain so far. It’s so fun talking to them and hearing their perspective of our life. I can’t imagine going to a university in another country.We also have awesome field trips planned for this year including a trip to the Holocaust museum, Turkish Festival, and a visit to the Embassy of Finland! I signed up for that one.

Here’s the link to the GC site:


Anywho–back to last night. It was supposed to be a “game night” but it ended up being just a mingle and fun kind of thing. The grill was going and we got to roast s’mores. I LOVE S’MORES. I had the pleasure of watching one of the exchange students, Claudeus, have his very first s’more. I actually talked to him for a while. He is from Germany, is 24, and I don’t remember what he is studying. But I think he is staying here for a semester. His accent is awesome. Then there’s Stan (not his real name haha) who is also from Germany. He was in my scavenger hunt group the other day. He’s cool too, and very tall. I saw people having a dance-off–including back flips on the concrete. So fun! Oh, I also talked for a while with another guy from Germany and one from the Ukraine. His name was Sergie. Except he’s lived here since like 2000 so he’s fluent in English. All in all, a fun night!

There’s this program here that I really want to get involved in. I’m not sure what it’s called, but the concept is that every week you meet up with an international student and just speak English with them for an hour! It’s all just to help them practice, and you can talk about anything and meet up wherever you want. The GC director, Kevin, said it has been an extremely rewarding experience for anyone that’s done it.

Not too much to report on today. I felt like i walked sooo much! Oh, this morning I dropped my toothbrush AND toothpaste in the toilet…not sure how I managed that. So then i had to walk all over campus trying to find where I could buy that. For lunch I found this place that is like Mongolian Grill. They have a TON of vegetables, tofu, shrimp, chicken, beef, and a variety of sauces. They fry it up for you on those flat black grills and then serve it over brown or white rice. It was pretty good, except a little oily. I want to see if they can cook with no oil next time. It also didn’t have much flavor–I didn’t use any of the sauces because I’m a little wary of the ingredients–so I ventured into my dorm’s kitchen and found some hot sauce packets haha.

Here’s a pic!


Today I finally made it over to the Rec center! Man, it’s HUGE!! A friend and I went to an Ab class. It was interesting. Only half an hour and just what you’d expect-lots of crunches. I’m glad I know where it is now though, and I know I’ll be over there a lot! Even though it’s like a 15-20 minute walk in itself. On the way back, Cait and i passed by like 15 guys coming out of a locker room, shirtless and gooood looking. Must remember to leave gym at 5:30 on Wednesdays every week… 😉

We went to dinner with a bunch of people from the 3rd floor. It was fun! I got to know some people better. I talked to a guy that is a triplet! How cool! He’s actually in two of my classes and I talked to him the other day. He said he seriously considered going to UW. I had a great big salad with hummus and cottage cheese and also lots of reeeally sweet and juicy watermelon for dinner!

I finally finished a ton of reading for sociology and art history. I think I might review a little math before I go to bed. It’s 11:35 already. My roomies are out somewhere. They are awesome, we get along so well! They both don’t drink, smoke, or even swear! I’m lucky and so grateful I don’t have roomies that come back um intoxicated in the middle of the night.

Alright time to go…but here’s what I had for dessert!

STP61114Ben & Jerry’s is the only ice cream that satisfies me besides my own.

Speaking of B & J, check this out!





2 Responses to “I love Global Communities.”

  1. traynharder23 October 10, 2009 at 6:17 PM #

    YAY b and j! once i ate a whole pint just for lunch! LOL those were the days.

    • Tina October 10, 2009 at 9:14 PM #

      Haha I should take advantage of doing that now before I get older!!

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