Classes Day TWO!

1 Sep

After, a lovely night of sleep (probably went to bed around 12, and woke up at 6:15), it’s time for the second round of classes! Both my roomies were gone last night so I was able to fall asleep pretty easily. They both don’t have classes on Tuesday so one of them decided to sleep at home, and the other had work from like 11pm-3am. Crazy!

I’m going to be working on this throughout the day in between classes so that it doesn’t take up a huge chunk of time all at once. Sorry if the tenses don’t match or sound weird! I got back to my room from math around 9, so now it’s 9:15 and I have my first Art History lecture at 9:30. I’m not exactly sure where the room is so I’m heading out!

Okay, that was an interesting class. It’s art after 1300s sooo basically we are going to be looking at a lot of Gothic type things, and our TA told us we would be looking at many many pictures of Jesus. I think the discussions will be interesting but it may be hard to concentrate during the lectures!

Now I’m back in my dorm and I’m going to work on some math homework. Hopefully later I’ll be able to find the gym, but I also have a game night for Dorchester. We will see!


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